Image of a white woman and a biracial child.

Carole, parenting solo at SUUSI

Carole’s husband doesn’t come to SUUSI, so she attends alone with her young daughter.

A Day In the Life at SUUSI (as a 42-year-old parent here alone with a 6-year-old)
7:00am wake up
7:30 breakfast in dining hall – I navigate the crowds, but allow my child to get her own food and find a place to sit.
9:00 drop my 6-year-old at Youth Program and run to Morning Worship
9:00 Morning Worship (one of my favorite parts of the day)
10:00 -12:00 take a workshop
12:00 – have a friend pick up my child from Youth and meet them all at lunch
12:30 lunch and rest with my child
2:00 bring my 6-year-old back to Youth Program and head to Common Grounds for some tea and conversation
4:00 pick up child from Youth Program
4-6:00 Community Time – relax in my beach chair while my child plays and both of us make friends
5:30 dinner
7:00 Evening Worship (another favorite part of day) with my child
8:00 stay for Concert Hour (with my child)
9:00 return to dorm and go to sleep (me and my child)

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