David, adult attendee

The 2017 SUUSI will be my sixth. That’s amazing considering my initial negative reaction to my wife’s plea to attend SUUSI. I thought it would be like sitting in church for a week! How could I possibly manage that?

I looked at the SUUSI catalog and saw a workshop for an adult rock band. Hmmm, I thought, “I have never played rock music, perhaps that would be interesting.  Maybe if I take along my guitar and Jennifer takes her banjo, we could spend some time playing together.”

When we show up in Radford the place is buzzing with excitement. People are greeting each other like old friends. I see some people that I know. Perhaps this isn’t going to be  too bad after all…

It turned out to be wonderful. Playing music with people I hadn’t met before and really enjoying it, meeting folks in the dining hall and having great conversations, and being with my family and still having a great time on my own. How good can it get? Over the years I have participated in some very interesting workshops and when I felt lazy I just went back to my room and read without having to think about things I need to get  done. Come to SUUSI and get busy! (Or just chill.)