WCU Conference Assistants

Welcome to SUUSI at Western Carolina University!

Whee Conference Assistants are so excited to have our SUUSI family at our beautiful home very soon! SUUSI for us means our largest conference of the year, with hours and hours of prep, meetings, and overall excitement. As you pack your bags and twin XL linens, we are stuffing your name tags with meal cards and keys for your room!

You’ll see our bright faces not only at check-in but all week long at events such as water polo and BBQUUSI! Please stop and say hello, we love our SUUSI family. Be on the special look out, for WCU Conference Assistant, Ben Evans, who is a fellow UU.

Thank you so much for including us,

Blessed be,


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  1. We love you, Ben Evans! We wish you well as you leave WCU and begin your adult journey, but we’re all going to miss you terribly! Maybe you’ll return to SUUSI one day as a participant!

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