What hours is the bar open at Serendipity?

In cooperation with our hosts, Western Carolina University, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks will be available at Serendipity from 10:30 pm to 12:30 am all week. Available for your imbibing pleasure will be a variety of local and seasonal brews, ales, IPAs, ciders, red and white wines, gluten free and non-alcoholic beverages.

Please note that cash payment cannot be accepted by the bartenders; you will need to purchase tickets in advance. Tickets are $3 for alcoholic beverages and $1 for non alcoholic beverages. You can purchase them at the SUUSI bookstore and the Artisans Bazaar during their regular hours as well as at the SUUSI store table outside Concert Hour (Bardo Theater) and Cabaret (Coulter Recital Hall). 

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