Adults (21+)

Sometimes adults who have recently heard about SUUSI look at our extensive array of age-specific programs for the under-25’s and wonder whether SUUSI has anything to offer the mature individual. If we’re not a family with young children, they ask, will we fit in?

fun at diningIn fact, in a recent survey, SUUSI attendees without children outnumbered those with children, and self-described senior citizens represented 15% of the SUUSI population. If you’re a childless adult, or your child-rearing days are behind you, you’ll find plenty of similar company at SUUSI.

Check out the “By Interest” menu to learn about all the options before you: Nature trips, workshops, sports & games activities, worship services, late-night dancing, and all the music you could possibly want! Everyone’s SUUSI looks a little different – you can custom-design your own experience to look just the way you want it.