Adults (21+)

Sometimes adults who have recently heard about SUUSI look at our extensive array of age-specific programs for the under-25’s and wonder whether SUUSI has anything to offer the mature individual. If we’re not a family with young children, they ask, will we fit in?

fun at diningIn fact, in a recent survey, SUUSI attendees without children outnumbered those with children, and self-described senior citizens represented 15% of the SUUSI population. If you’re a childless adult, or your child-rearing days are behind you, you’ll find plenty of similar company at SUUSI.

Check out the “By Interest” menu to learn about all the options before you: Nature trips, workshops, sports & games activities, worship services, late-night dancing, and all the music you could possibly want! Everyone’s SUUSI looks a little different – you can custom-design your own experience to look just the way you want it.

New this year, we have added two opportunities for adults to make closer connections with a smaller group of people. Whether this will be your first SUUSI or your thirty-first, we encourage you to consider these options. You’ll be able to register for them using workshops #1080 and 1081.

Connection Circles

For years, our teens have been organized into small "touch groups" they commit to touch base with daily, providing a stronger sense of community connection. Like touch groups for adults, Connection Circles will help ensure that no one of any age feels lost in the larger SUUSI community. Sign up for FREE Workshop #1081, and we will send you a survey so that we can group people based on shared interests and preferences. After an initial kickoff party at Community Time on Monday, your group will set your own time for daily meetings. SUUSI will provide optional, self-directed materials to help guide conversation, as well as suggestions about activities you can attend together. A second party at the end of the week will wrap up the experience.

adults at community timeIntentional Community Housing

You may request to live in a small-group housing block with people who are committed to making new connections with their housing neighbors. Sign up for FREE Workshop #1080, and we will send out a questionnaire that will help us group people based on shared interests and living preferences. We’ll host a party for the housing groups at Community Time on Monday, and your group will also have the option to request SUUSI funds to host an activity that’s open to the general community of adults.

For years, SUUSI has allowed participants to self-select their own informal housing groups by listing a group name at registration. We have also had some semi-formal groups, such as Nature Staff housing or Music Row for our performing musicians. If you are happily established with a housing group, continue as ever - there is no need to register for Intentional Community Housing. This program is designed to help people who do not already have a housing group develop closer connections to their dorm neighbors.

  • 1080: Intentional Community Housing option for AdultsLimit 500

    Individuals who choose to sign up for the “Intentional Community Housing Option” as their housing group will receive a survey to find out their preference. These groups are being established to enable those living close to each other to get to know people more easily. If you sign up for this option or utilize the established housing group option you will have the opportunity to host a SUUSI sponsored activity for the adult community. See the Adult catalog section for further details. Please note that if you want to sign up for a group that has been available in prior years (examples: “Nature” or “Music”) then you would not be able to also choose to be part of the new opt-in housing community. If you already have an established housing group continue to indicate that during registration as you have done in the past.

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  • 1081: Adult Program Connection CirclesLimit 500

    Connection Circles (also known as touch groups) are a UU summer camp tradition, which we are offering to the wider SUUSI adult community. A connection circle is a small group of about 5-8 people who agree to touch base daily for a check in meet-up. Connection circles are a great way to stay grounded during the week of SUUSI because it gives you a core group of people to process your daily experiences with. Your connection circle also provides you with a group of folx you can potentially attend community events with, such as concert hour, community time, and worship services, along with many other events your circle can plan to attend together throughout the week. If you sign up for this connection circle option, you will receive a survey to fill out. Your answers will help us assign the groups prior to SUUSI. We will host a kick-off event to introduce the touch groups at 4:30pm on Monday at Community Time. At this event you will meet your connection circle members, receive a packet to help guide and enrich your experience, and schedule your meeting times. We will also host a closing event at community time on Friday to discuss your experience and give out prizes for the scavenger hunt.

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