Rules for Youth and Middlers (AGE 0-13)


  1. No weapons, violence, or destructive behavior.
  2. No use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs.
  3. No activity outside dorm between 9:30 p.m. & 6 a.m. except in the company of the youth’s parent or guardian. Youth in dorms must be appropriately supervised, including while asleep.
  4. No behavior or activity considered unsafe and/or which severely disrupts Youth Program operations and/or interferes with the rights of other participants to receive program services and/or draws significant attention away from staff potentially endangering other participants through lack of supervision of them.
  5. No throwing things out of windows. No leaning or hanging out of windows.
  6. Youth must be supervised at all times. The one exception is that individuals who are approved to check themselves and their siblings out of youth programming may be briefly unsupervised while heading DIRECTLY to meet a parent or guardian after the end of youth programming.
  7. No abuse of legal drugs or stimulants.
  8. Parent/guardian will be responsible for damages caused by youth.
  9. The Board’s position is that all youth continue any scheduled medication programs during SUUSI.
  10. The core staff member(s) in charge of youth programming will present policy changes regarding the rules for youth to the Board for approval on an annual basis or as needed.
  11. Violation of the above stated rules can result in any of the following disciplinary procedures, at the discretion of the Youth Staff involved and/or the Youth Director and/or the SUUSI Director:
    1. Use of logical consequences.
    2. Contact of the participant’s parent/guardian to discuss the situation.
    3. Suspension for the remainder of the session or of the programming day.
    4. Dismissal from Youth Programming for the remainder of the current SUUSI for severe offenses or if the behavior has not been successfully corrected.
    5. Removal from SUUSI. In the case of dismissal from the program, the parent/guardian will pick up the youth participant and remove them from the program immediately. If a parent or guardian contributes to a youth’s violation of these rules, they may be dismissed from SUUSI.
    6. The staff member may choose to involve the Minister on Duty in discussions with parents.