Be on Staff

We are always looking for folks to join our SUUSI staff family. While everyone at SUUSI is encouraged to volunteer to help out in some way, SUUSI Staff make a formal commitment to work a set number of hours in one (or more) SUUSI departments. You must apply for a staff position in SOLIS, SUUSI's online information system. Log into SOLIS or create an account at . What does it mean to be hired as staff? No one - not even the Director - receives payment for their work at SUUSI. That's why you'll often hear people say that SUUSI has an "all volunteer staff." Staffers work in exchange for credit toward their SUUSI fees. A full-time staffer (40 hours) receives credit that covers the full cost of registration, meals, and housing. Staffers who work part-time receive proportional credit. Workshops and trips can not be paid for with staff credit. Although SUUSI staff tends to fill up quickly, some positions are still available for this year. To apply for a staff position, log into or create your SOLIS account at and click on “Apply for SUUSI Staff.” If you would like to learn more about applying for staff in future years, attend the free workshop #292, Getting on SUUSI Staff.