Artisans' Bazaar

Many creative people and top-notch artisans come to SUUSI. At the Bazaar, you can find handmade goods in many media—including (but certainly not limited to) jewelry, floral designs, fabric and fiber art, stained glass, mosaics, wood, paper, metal, and ceramic creations. This year, we are also partnering with SUUSI musicians, who will offer a range of take-home audio and other merchandise. 

Meet a few of SUUSI's artists!

Please support SUUSI artists, authors, and musicians! Send an artisan-made postcard or greeting card while at SUUSI. Take home a unique souvenir to extend your warm SUUSI memories. Treat yourself (or someone else) to something to decorate and personalize your room during SUUSI. Support your favorite SUUSI musician by purchasing their music or other merchandise. Make your life and gift-giving more beautiful with items from the Bazaar!

If you’re an artist, author, musician, or craftsperson and would like to sell your wares at SUUSI, check out Workshop #490 listed below. The artisans’ community exists in a Facebook group to provide planning and encouragement all year long.

If you have questions, please email

Please note our hours are Monday 9:30 AM-6:00 PM and Tuesday- Friday,  10:00 AM-6:00 PM each day.

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    Tables will be rented in 4' (1/2 table) increments. For 20% commission on sales over $150 (per increment) & 4 working hours, we provide you with space to sell your original work. Bethany Cecere, Kim Garver, Brian Cooley & the AB Crew are all looking forward to another fun year!