Middlers (11-13)

middlers in cafeteria

The Middler Program recognizes the unique needs and abilities of youth ages 11 to 13. This age group is moving away from childhood and toward adolescence, with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities that that entails.

During our week together at SUUSI, our Middlers will experience opportunities to build community as a whole as well as at each age group (11, 12, and 13 year-olds). Participants will explore their UU values through activities, games, and opportunities for reflection and sharing. Our facilitators will foster an environment of self determination and community collaboration so that each of our young folks will have a rich SUUSI experience alongside their peers.

Middlers will enjoy a variety of activities, workshops, and trips to create a meaningful and fun SUUSI experience. Each age group will collaborate on art projects, spend time outside adventuring, and participate in all manner of activities to help them explore their personal UU identity. And all activities and trips in the Middlers program are included with registration - no need to sign-up for individual trips / events! 

Mandatory Meeting for All Middler Parents & 13 Year-Olds

We will have a mandatory meeting for all Middler parents and 13 year-olds on Sunday at 5pm.

This is an opportunity to hear more about the Middler program, get questions answered, and meet some of the staff working with your youth during the week. Please see this important information for all parents of Youth and Middlers on expectations for children and parents at SUUSI.

Middler Program Daily Schedule

Morning Programming              8:45am-noon

Afternoon Programming        2-4pm

Evening Programming            13 year-olds only, see information on Coming of Age Program.

Middlers are allowed to sign themselves in and out of daily programming with permission. However, we do still ask for a parent / guardian to check in with Middler staff each morning as a form of accountability.

Special Events of Note

Dance Party for Middlers – Wednesday 7-9pm. The Middlers program will staff the event but we would love some parent chaperones!

Closing Circle – Friday 2:15pm. Parents and friends are invited and encouraged to attend!

SUUSI Middler Staff

Our Middler staff prioritizes safety in all things, especially while empowering youth in our care to take on more autonomy. With a wide array of experiences and skills, our Middler staff is looking forward to putting their time and talents to good use ensuring all program participants have a wonderful experience. 

We’d love for you to work with Middlers this year! If you’re interested in joining our staff, please fill out an application in SOLIS or contact us for more information.

Questions? Prior to SUUSI, email us at middlers@suusi.org.

  • Middler Parent MeetingUnlimited

    An opportunity for Parents & their Middlers to meet program staff and get learn about all the wonderful things planned for them this week!

  • 13s First COA MeetingUnlimited

    13s will meet to begin working towards their Coming of Age (COA) ceremony held on Friday evening.

  • Middlers Game room timeUnlimited

  • 13s Second COA MeetingUnlimited

    13s will continue their special Coming of Age (COA) art project and discuss plans for their COA Ceremony

  • 13s Final COA MeetingUnlimited

    13s will put finishing touches onto their art projects and complete their Coming of Age (COA) planning.

  • Middler programmingUnlimited

    Middlers daily activities in the morning (9a-12p) and afternoon (2-4p)

  • 40: 13s Bonding TripLimit 39

    This extraordinary all-day trip for our 13s is a unique bonding experience designed to kick off their week-long adventure at SUUSI. This experience is an integral part of programming for our 13s and offers an opportunity to build lasting bonds with one's peers, perfectly preparing our 13s for their Coming of Age (COA) Ceremony on Friday night.

  • 42: Messing with BoatsLimit 39

    Let's go paddle! Middlers are invited to join our brilliant Nature Team as they demonstrate how to use various vessels safely. There's nothing quite as freeing as pushing away from shore and setting your own course across the water! Don't forget to have a towel and sunscreen handy!

  • 44: Middler DanceLimit 78

    Mid-week and it is time to dance! All Middlers are invited to join for an after-hours party and be prepared for some truly ridiculous antics from their staff. Want to hear a specific song? Send your song requests to middlers@suusi.org before SUUSI so the DJs can put together a playlist just for you.

  • 45: 13s Evening ProgrammingUnlimited

    13s will meet to explore SUUSI life beyond the regularly scheduled Middlers hours.

  • 46: 13s Evening Programming Limit 15

    13s will gather for Coming of Age Ceremony and other end of week activities. Parents, guardians and families of 13s are invited for the first hour for the Ceremony and then 13s will go with teens and their age group leaders for the remainder of the evening.

  • 48: Middlers Tie DyeLimit 15

    Middlers, prepare for glorious, chaotic colors! Bring one 100% cotton item to dye and make sure it's been pre-washed! No towels, sheets or other large items that will soak up too much dye.

  • 49: Middler Ingathering Unlimited

    All of our Middlers will gather for a special opening circle for their week together.

  • 50: Middlers Closing Circle Limit 40

    The Middlers bring their week to a close with traditional SUUSI entertainment and many, many laughs.