Middlers are SUUSI participants aged 11-13. We have a few fun things in store for the Virtual Middler Program for 2021!

Each age group will meet together, spending time getting to know each other.  In addition each age group will gather for an art project - any materials you need will be provided before the meeting.

All middlers will be invited to a virtual dance during the week. 

13s will be engaged throughout the week in activities for the Coming of Age celebration we will have on Friday.  This time will help you get ready for joining the Teen Dorm next year - fingers crossed that we will be meeting in person by then!

Please note that when you register a Middler for SUUSI, all of their age-group activities will automatically be added to your family's schedule. We do not actually expect or require your Middler to attend all of the program offerings. They are free to attend whichever activities they think they will enjoy. If you'd rather not have all of those activities on your schedule in SOLIS, they can be removed individually.

We hope you can join us - we will be sending out more information as the time gets closer.

We hope to see you this summer!

Event # Event Type Date & Time Age Range
Sunday 18th July 2021


11s Meet-up

Price: FREE
Middlers Sun 2-3pm 11


13s Masks

Price: FREE
Middlers Sun 4-5:30pm and Tu 5:30-6:30pm 13
Monday 19th July 2021


12s Meet-up

Price: FREE
Middlers M 5-6pm 12
Tuesday 20th July 2021


All Middlers Games

Price: FREE
Middlers Tu 11am-Noon 11-13


13s Masks

Price: FREE
Middlers Sun 4-5:30pm and Tu 5:30-6:30pm 13
Wednesday 21st July 2021


12s Art

Price: FREE
Middlers W 2-3pm 12


Middler Dance

Price: FREE
Middlers W 7-8pm 11-13
Thursday 22nd July 2021


11s Art

Price: FREE
Middlers Th 2-3pm 11


Middler Theater Games

Price: FREE
Middlers Th 3-4pm 11-13
Friday 23rd July 2021


13s/Teens Meeting

Price: FREE
Middlers F 5:30-6pm 13-17