Board of Trustees - 2024

SUUSI is governed by a Board of Trustees. It is the Board's responsibility to safeguard SUUSI's financial health, and to plan for SUUSI's future, and to make policies ensuring that SUUSI fulfills its mission. Members of the Board serve three-year terms. Each year at SUUSI, one adult Board representative is elected by the adult participants of SUUSI, and one teen Board representatives is elected by participants aged 6-17 to serve a two year term. Two other adult representatives are appointed each year by the Board.

The current Board of Trustees:

Angel Wall, President,

Kimi Riegel, Vice President,

Ed Edelston, Treasurer,

Ivy Breivogel, Secretary,

Scarlett Gibson, Senior Youth Representative

Renee Phillips, Junior Youth Representative

Bethany Cecere

Anthony Quandt-Judd

Cynthia Landrum

Marc Nevin 

Russ Taddeo

Stacie Vecchietti

*Amy Nordeng, Risk Manager, 

*Michael Tino, Director,

*Ex officio (non-voting) member


Event # Event Type Date & Time Age Range
Wednesday 19th July 2023

Board Town Hall

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Board W 4-5pm 0+

Board Forum

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Board W 5-6pm 0+