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SUUSI 2021 Core Staff & Other Key Contacts


Role Name Email
SUUSI Director Amy Davis
SUUSI Director Emeritus Jennifer Sanders
Assistants to the Director Molly Lazar & Kimmer Saini 
Communications Rebecca Wald
Housing Coordinator Michael Henry-Richardson
Locations & Equipment Chris Breivogel
Medians Coordinator Kimber Dudley
Middlers (Ages 11–13) Abby Crum
Nature Darsey Whitlow & Karen Peterson
Newcomers Dianna MacPherson
Nightlife Mindy Simmons
Nurture (was Denominational Affairs) Jan Taddeo
Registrar Connie Moore
SOLIS (Online Registration System) Help
Sports & Games Leslie Freymann
SUUSI Services Alex Winner
Technology Services Marc Wiatrowski
Teens (Ages 14–17) Ben Ryan
Workshops Beth Nicholson
Young Adults (Ages 18–25) Alex Muir
Youth (Birth–Age 10) Charlotte Quandt
Catalog Editor Siobhan & Melissa Green
2021 Logo Art Karen Peterson