SUUSI 2023 Core Staff & Other Key Contacts

Role Name Email
SUUSI Director Amy Carol Webb
SUUSI Director-Elect TBD
SUUSI Director Emeritus Amy Davis
SUUSI Assistant Director Sarah Gonzalez 
Accessibility Coordinators Rachel Bevins, Alexis Long
Catalog Editors/Website Siobhan Green, Melissa Green
Communications Jen Abercrombie
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Elizabeth Cameron
Housing Coordinator Mary Foster
Intergenerational Staff Director Nicole Tearno
Logistics Chris Breivogel
Medians Coordinator Carrel Morgan
Middlers (Ages 11–13) Amanda Howard
Nature Barbara Howard & Karen Peterson
Newcomers Dianna MacPherson
Nightlife Jay Paul
Nurture (was Denominational Affairs) Kimberley Debus
Pair-a-Dice Rik Schell
Registrar Peter Lazar
Staff Treasurer Brian Cooley
SOLIS (Online Registration System) Help
SUUSI Services Alex Winner
Technology Services TBD
Teens (Ages 14–17) Jessie McKeon
Workshops Beth Nicholson
Young Adults (Ages 18–25) Cate Farell and Ivy Breivogel
Youth (Birth–Age 10) Charlotte Quandt
2023 Logo Art Silvan Tomlin