Young Adults (18-25)

YA musicians

The SUUSI Young Adult (YA) program offers a strong, caring, loving community to participants ages 18-25. We come together to live in a dorm and participate in activities made for – and by – young adults. It’s a small community within SUUSI’s welcoming arms where you will meet new, interesting, and caring people every year.

The YA program is developed by both staff members and participants alike. During the year, YAs have the chance to suggest and plan activities for the week of SUUSI. We try to keep the schedule new and interesting with old traditions and new programs every year!

Though we make our home in the YA dorm, the YA program is intentionally a part of the larger SUUSI community. We participate in workshops, Cabaret, Bridging ceremonies – for both new YAs and soon-to-be Medians or adults – and hit the dance floors at CACHE and Serendipity. You don’t have to live in the YA dorm to participate in the programs; join in to form those community bonds that bring YAs back to SUUSI year after year after year.

YAs holding YAs

Wondering what you should pack for the week? Must-haves are cameras, swimsuits, instruments, and clothes you don’t mind getting messy! Also, bring your games, toys, your favorite clothes for dressing up (don’t forget to check the CACHE and Serendipity themes!), an open mind, good ideas, and great feelings.

One of the ways to get to know the YAs and be a part of the community before and after SUUSI is through the SUUSI YAs Facebook Group. If you have any additional questions/concerns/ideas about the YA program, feel free to email the YA Director at

We can’t wait to see you there!

  • YA quiet loungeUnlimited

  • 1000: YA Town HallsUnlimited

    Town Halls are times for all of the YAs at SUUSI to come together. At these meetings, staff will provide information for the upcoming week, answer questions or concerns raised, and collect feedback for improvements to the program. All YAs living in the YA dorm and/or participating in YA programming are expected to attend.

  • 1002: YA Touch GroupsUnlimited

    Touch groups provide an opportunity for YAs to get to know one another, help new members become comfortable in the dorm, address social issues as they come up, share in daily experiences, and offer support as necessary. Touch groups are not required – but encouraged! – as they provide a self-guided experience appropriate to the changing needs of the particular people in that group.

  • 1003: Angel WalkUnlimited

    Say goodbye to all your YA friends at SUUSI before you leave.

  • 1004: YA Coffee HouseUnlimited

    Do you have a talent you want to share with the rest of the YA community? Or maybe you just want to watch your friends show off their talents. Coffee House is your opportunity to share a song you have been working on, a dance you know, a poem you wrote, or any other skill you want to perform for your fellow YAs. Sign ups will be posted in the YA dorm!

  • 1005: Water WorshipUnlimited

    Water worship is a YA-specific Water Communion worship event, led by the YA Chaplain. If you are able, bring water from somewhere significant you have been in the last year; we will combine all of the water and redistribute a mixture of all of the meaningful places we come from and have traveled to.

  • 1006: Lip Sync Battle Unlimited

    Get ready to perform! This is the second annual SUUSI YA Lip Sync Battle. Come prepared with a performance or just come to watch your fellow YAs show off their talents.

  • 1010: Teen-YA BridgingUnlimited

    Bridging is part of a worship service that recognizes the many bridges we cross in our lives - dedicating our children, bridging our teens, new relationships, new jobs, new homes, retirement, new life stages. Part of this ceremony is welcoming 17 year-olds into young adulthood and the YA Dorm. YAs participate by having dinner with the Bridgers, then taking part in the ceremony to welcome them. There will be a sheet in the Lounge to sign up for specific Bridgers!

  • 1011: Smash Tournament (YA/Median)Unlimited

    Come see who will win the ultimate Super Smash Bros battle. Will it be the fan favorite Mario, electric Pikachu, or maybe the underdog Villager. Coach your fighter as you compete in a multi stage tournament. There will be other games available for non-Smashers.

  • 1020: YA Board GamesUnlimited

    Come join us and play some board games with your fellow YA's.

  • 1021: Planning for Retirement: Granny Hobby DayUnlimited

    Whether you haven’t started your career yet or are still fresh in your field it’s never too early to start planning for retirement. We have all wondered what it will be like to finally retire and have time to try exciting new hobbies. Enjoy that laidback lifestyle now and join other YAs in various crafts such as crochet, knitting, embroidery, and more!

  • 1022: Spa NightUnlimited

    Everyone needs a spa day. Come have a relaxing night after a long day of travel. We will have sheet masks, nail polish, and henna for everyone to enjoy.

  • 1023: Mocked: Mocktail CompetitionUnlimited

    Welcome to the first ever Mocked competition. Competitors will have an undetermined amount of time to create their best mocktails from ingredients provided. Then our panel of expert judges will taste the concoctions and determine who will be crowned Mocked champion.

  • 1024: Collaging, Vision Boarding, & JournalingUnlimited

    Many people find journaling a wonderful way to reflect, plan and imagine. Join us and start your own journal. Journals and other craft materials will be provided.

  • 1025: Movie NightUnlimited

    Come watch a movie with your fellow YAs! Movie to be decided at SUUSI.