Important Information for Parents of Youth & Middlers

Mandatory Parent Meetings

SUUSI is a loving, caring, intentional community. In an effort to ensure all of our children remain safe and have a fun week, we will have mandatory meetings that all parents/guardians are expected to attend. The meeting for parents of Youth (0-10 years old) will be Monday 9-9:30 am, and for parents of Middlers (13-year-olds must also attend) will be Sunday at 5 pm. Locations will be announced in your confirmation and arrival packets.

Where Are Your Parents/Guardians?

Be sure to post your schedule and cell phone number on your dorm room door, so we can always find you. If parents/guardians need to leave campus, an adult guardian must be designated, as we must always have an on- campus adult contact for each Youth and Middler (ages 0-13). If you are going to be off campus, also post the alternate adult guardian’s contact information on your door and notify your child’s staff.

Where Are Your Children?

By attending SUUSI, all parents/guardians, Youth and Middlers agree to the SUUSI Rules, which states that children between the ages of 0-13 must be appropriately supervised at all times, including at night while asleep. The Youth and Middler staffs love to watch your children during programming hours, but please remember it is your responsibility during non-programming hours. Please abide by these rules and also note the curfew for children ages 0-13 runs from 9:30pm-6am.

Age Verification

Everyone under 26 who has not previously had their age confirmed by SUUSI, must provide a legible copy of a birth certificate, driver’s license or passport to the Registrar. Send a copy via US Mail, or scan and send it via e- mail to No one is allowed to participate in Youth or Middler programming without age verification. See the Registration section for more information.

Please also be familiar with SUUSI’s policies for Youth and Middlers.