amy carol webbJust as there are countless opportunities to expand our horizons with workshops and nature trips on a wide variety of topics, SUUSI also offers gateways to explore and deepen our spiritual lives in a safe, loving, non-judgmental community.

Each year we come together as not just a SUUSI community that plays and learns together, but a SUUSI congregation that celebrates, grieves, makes meaning together, and ritualizes the spiritual connections that bind us. SUUSI worship services offer another place to explore and deepen our spiritual lives in a safe, loving, non-judgmental community. Our week of SUUSI 2024 worship services will provide daily opportunities to do a deeper spiritual dive into what allows us to “SHINE ON” in the midst of...everything going on in this terrifying election year.

Our SUUSI week officially begins and ends in gathered community. Ingathering on Sunday night orients everyone to our week together, beginning with joyful drumming and a banner parade (you can bring your home congregation's banner to process). We learn about our coming week together and remind ourselves of what it means to be in intentional, covenanted community -- and also in our sweet SUUSI spot of welcoming faces and awesome music!  

We hold 2 services each day (a morning and evening worship service). All services will blend ritual, reflection, and music to help our spirit's “shine.”

Among our evening services we include space for our SUUSI community to grieve our losses (Tuesdaybaby dedication evening worship) as well as to honor life transitions (Thursday evening) including child dedications, teen bridging, and other important transitions. This year's transition service will continue to offer space for those who wish to have their new names, pronouns, and/or gender identities recognized and celebrated by the SUUSI community. If you would like to be part of any of these rituals and celebrations, if you know of someone from the SUUSI community who should be named in our Loss service, or if you have a child to be dedicated, please email (Please note that teens who are bridging will be coordinated by Teen Director.)

Our week ends with two more traditions: a Friday morning earth-centered service and a Saturday morning Closing Circle where we sing our farewell to our SUUSI friends and bless our homeward travels.

In addition, the youth and middlers will have their own morning circles, and the teens, young adults, and medians will create worship experiences within their cohorts. 

Beautiful music, meaningful rituals, and compelling messages are offered in what becomes, each year, a lively, warm and embracing SUUSI worshipping congregation. 

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Nuture isn’t just worship! We offer a variety of opportunities to connect with your spirit alone or in groups: 

The Meditation Room is open throughout SUUSI for quiet contemplation. Morning Meditations are led by Kimi Riegel for those who wish for quiet sitting to start their day. The schedule will be posted at the Meditation Room and in the NUUS.  

The Recovery Room is open throughout SUUSI as a safe space for those in recovery programs. There will also be meetings; that schedule will be posted at the Recovery Room and in the NUUS. 

Adult Connection Circles are week-long covenant groups designed for connection and contemplation. See the catalog for more information. 

OASUUS is a space for BIPOC UUs to come together and be in community. This place
will allow UUs of color to share their experiences that make our community unique and
special. Stay tuned for any programming announcements provided by the Diversity/Equity/Inclusion department. 

Should a need arise for pastoral care or conflict resolution during SUUSI, you can call our Pastoral Care line to connect with a chaplain, minister, or Covenant Accountability Team member. The phone number will be listed in the NUUS.