Transportation FAQs

2024  - FAQs for Nature and All SUUSI Trip Transportation

SUUSI Driver Info and Waiver Form

SUUSI Insurance Driver Guidelines

What, if any, trips will be by SUUSI van? SUUSI is providing transportation for all Nature trips and most workshops. All Middlers and Teens trips will be provided SUUSI transportation. 

Will I be able to go on a trip if I want to drive my car at SUUSI?  Yes. You will be required to sign the SUUSI Driver Info and Waiver Form and provide proof of your insurance.  You may also carpool with another driver.  You will need a parking pass, and will need to coordinate with Nature leaders ahead of time.

I am choosing to drive my personal car on a Nature trip. My car will be parked in long-term parking. That’s a long walk and will take some time. Is there a possibility of parking closer? There is limited space in a nearby parking lot, which can accommodate those driving on a Nature trip with an approved parking permit. We ask that you do not move your car into that lot more than a couple of hours prior to the start of your trip, or before 7 pm the night before the trip if there is an early departure time. We also ask that you return your car to long-term parking immediately following your return to campus. This will allow all drivers not to have to rush and to be ready to go at the time of the nature trip.

Do I have to give my driver’s license information? SUUSI insurance requires us to obtain driver’s names, license state and number, and date of birth.

Can other people ride in the car with me? Carpooling is permitted, but not required.

Where will we meet to leave – and will we all drive together? Trip participants will gather outside of the Nature Tent. Cars will depart from the parking lot closest to the tent, along with the Nature Vans.

Can I go somewhere else after we finish the nature trip, or do I have to come back to the campus with everyone else? Yes. You simply will need to sign out with the Nature staff leader and let them know you are leaving separately, and that will officially end your trip.

How will I know where to go to get to my Nature trip? Trip participants should plan to gather outside of the Nature Tent. We will have addresses and directions available and you can plug them into your own GPS devices.

My child is signed up for a nature trip through the middlers or teen program. Do I need to drive them? All Middlers and Teens trips at SUUSI will be provided SUUSI transportation.

Some riders, like myself, are prone to motion sickness.  How will riding priority be established? This will be similar to past years. Those prone to motion sickness should make it known (in case the trip leader or driver forgets to ask) and request a seat in the front or towards the front of the vehicle.  

My access to email is limited during SUUSI, can I talk with someone in person? Yes! The Nature Tent will have hours Mon-Fri, 7a-10a; 12p-2p, and others as you catch us. You can send us an e-mail at

If you need more information, please reach out to

You can also visit the Nature Tent beside between the hours of
7:00-10:00 a.m. and 12:00 - 2:00 p.m., or at other times when you see us available.