SUUSI's Covenant

A covenant is an agreement that we make with ourselves and others about how we want to be with each other. These are ideals, and this document is a record of our highest aspirations. It is a map of sorts illustrating the way to be an intentional community, and if we find ourselves lost, this covenant will serve as a reference and reminder of our agreements. This is a living document and will be reviewed and updated as we continue to grow into our SUUSI mission. 


The mission of SUUSI is to provide a one-week experience evoking the best within us, in concert with Unitarian Universalist  principles. SUUSI offers the opportunity to share an intergenerational environment of love, personal freedom, ethics, and joy in an intentional, non-judgmental community.

The statements in bold print below represent our agreements with one another, and the sub points are examples of how each agreement can be lived out in our interactions with each other. If you are in a situation in which you feel that our covenant has been compromised, and harm has occurred, please contact the Healthy Relations Team. You can learn more about the HeaRT by reading the FAQ.


We are all responsible for creating an emotionally, physically and spiritually safe space for all participants.

  • Be mindfully aware of the presence of others in this shared space.
  • Respect each person’s boundaries and ask permission to enter another person’s personal space, whether emotional, physical or spiritual.
  • Own the impact of your words and actions as more important than your intentions.


We offer our authentic selves, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and holding the vulnerability of others with the greatest care. 

  • Accept the expressed needs of others as valid.
  • Be open to creating a space for others to be vulnerable.
  • Know SUUSI leaders strive to make the best decisions for our community.


We see, hear, and value each other for who we are with all the expressions of our identities.

  • Accept people’s pronouns and identities without question or judgment.
  • Welcome people with kindness and openness and strive to expand your circle of connections.
  • Respect the myriad ideas, feelings, abilities, and perspectives of others.
  • Seek to understand before being understood.


We show appreciation for the gifts each person brings to the community.

  • Acknowledge and honor people for each kind act that enhances our community.
  • Offer appreciation and kindness to campus staff and SUUSI participants, including  volunteer SUUSI staff and leaders.
  • Use inquiry and consent to guide you in how to treat others and live into the Platinum Rule: Treat others as they would like to be treated.


We strive to act as if everything we do matters for the well-being of our SUUSI community.

  • Take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in order to bring your best self forward.
  • Follow through on commitments, or renegotiate commitments when necessary.
  • Honor and abide by SUUSI agreements, local laws, and SUUSI policies.
  • Recognize and accept the consequences of behaviors that don’t live up to community values and expectations.


We agree to enter into truth and reconciliation processes when conflicts or disagreements arise.

  • Find the courage to enter into difficult conversations.
  • Listen with an open heart; learn, apologize, and forgive.
  • Engage and trust the Healthy Relations Team to mediate this process when necessary.