Registration is now open for SUUSI 2021! Register in SOLIS.

Cost for Virtual SUUSI

We are mindful of the financial struggles many members of the SUUSI community have experienced during this difficult year. We are also mindful of SUUSI's year-round expenses and our responsibility to safeguard resources for SUUSI's future.

The Board has decided that rather than charging a set fee to attend SUUSI, we will ask participants to donate what they can. We estimate that a "fair share" of SUUSI's costs is $30 per person or $50 per family. When you check out, this donation amount will be pre-selected for you. However, feel free to raise or lower the amount depending on your personal circumstances.

SUUSIships: In a typical year, SUUSI scholarships, or SUUSIships, are available for those who cannot afford the registration fees to attend SUUSI. In 2021, there is no need to apply for a SUUSIship. Simply set your donation amount to reflect what you are able to pay.

Workshops, Sports & Games activities, and Nature-focused events have limited capacity, and many have a small additional cost. When fees are listed for these events, they are set costs - not suggested donations.

Large events like concerts, worship services, and social events are open to everyone who is registered for SUUSI and carry no individual fees.

Age-group programming (for children, “Middlers” aged 11-13, teens, young adults aged 18-25, “Medians” aged 21-35) is open to everyone of the appropriate age who is registered for SUUSI. There is no additional fee to participate in age-group programs.