Virtual SUUSI Community Time

Join us Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons from 4-6pm for fun for all ages at Virtual Community Time. We welcome all to our virtual quad to share, laugh and love with each other as we gather to share in activities, crafts and other events. There are themes each day, though other and spontaneous events are welcome as well. We have some great plans in the works, but if you have any ideas or activities you would be interested in bringing to Virtual Community Time, please contact us at

Nothing quite compares to the physical SUUSI Community Experience, but we will do our best reach you in the spiritual and emotional during this joyous community time together! 

Monday: (Making) SUUSI Memories

Many of us bring special things with us to SUUSI each year, to help create communit.. Although we cannot all be together, we encourage you to show or make and bring something representative of SUUSI to you. Lets’ get creative and meaningful. Make a collage, paint a picture (or your face), show us your favorite SUUSI memento or t-shirt, bring an item you were created to sell at craft fair. Time to pull out those SUUSI boxes even though we aren’t packing them in the car this year!  The sky is the limit here, as long as it is appropriate for all ages. 

Wednesday: SUUSI Pride

Wear or bring your Pride swag and join our virtual celebrating of the fabulous LGBTQIA+ community. A few members will kick off this open sharing event by relating a portion of their personal experiences. Feel free to join in and share as well, or just listen, learn and support.  This will be a safe space to open-up about the strife it often takes to become prideful.

Friday: Role Playing at SUUSI

Do you dream of fighting dragons and casting magical spells in a mythical universe? If so, Role Play Games may be for you! Our youth and teen programs are participating in adventures through a fantasy world while learning and acting out UU principles through a version of Dungeons and Dragons during the week, and our Dungeon Masters will be sharing some of the fun with Community Time to close out the week.

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