paint pouring workshopSUUSI’s workshops are as diverse and inspirational as our community. Want to learn stand up comedy? You can. Build a drum? Yep, that too. You can also learn to crochet, create metal jewelry, meditate, write your UU story, choose an electric car, and dance and sing to your heart’s content. These opportunities and so many more await you, if you just seek them out.

Looking for ways to connect with others? Workshops are a great way to get to know fellow SUUSI attendees who share your interests. Many lasting friendships are developed in workshops as the experiences you share draw you closer to friends and to people you’ve just met. And, of course, workshops provide the opportunity for you to learn something new, renew your spirit, or just have fun.

Where are workshops held?

Workshops are held on campus in lounges, in classrooms, or outside. Locations can change during SUUSI. The most up-to-date workshop location information can be found in the online SUUSI catalog, on, and at the SUUSI Office.

Which workshops might be right for me?

Workshops tagged “ES” for “Emotionally Sensitive” involve emotional experiences that may be stressful. Workshop tagged “PD” for “Physical Dexterity” require a full range of movement in order to get the maximum benefit. Workshops tagged “Teen Friendly,” “YA Friendly,” and “Median Friendly” are meant to encourage Teens or individuals that identify as Young Adults (YAs), or Medians, respectively, to register for those workshops, but these workshops are open to any SUUSI participants within the specified age limits. Age limits are set based on content, required skills, and subject matter that may require greater maturity. 

Other parameters for attendence may be tagged as below:

  • Required: Participants should attend all sessions to obtain the full benefit of the workshop. If you sign up for an attendance required workshop, you will not be able to register for another required workshop or a nature trip in the same or overlapping time slot.
  • Preferred: Attendance is suggested at all sessions to obtain full benefit but overlapping registrations are permitted.
  • Drop-In: Requires registration but attendance is optional. Please register for drop-in workshops so that minimum enrollment requirements are met and adequate space can be allocated.

  • 100: UUAnimalMinistry at Your ChuchLimit 35

    Learn about UUAM, as we explore the annual event of “Blessing of the Animals,” sermon ideas for lay-leaders, RE ideas, engaging as animal activists, hosting vegetarian potlucks, among other actions to bring back to your congregation. Rev. Stacey Mitchell is a UU Animal Ministry Board Member, UU Minister, and member of UN Women. Rev. Stacey has been an activist for many years.

  • 101: Meet Your Incoming DirectorLimit 50

    Chris Breivogel will be SUUSI director in 2025 and 2026. Come and meet me during lunch, ask questions, share your SUUSI hopes and dreams. Help me do the best job I can in 2025. Feel free to eat lunch with me or just stop by to meet me. I'll try to pick a large table and will have a sign on the table indicating the workshop's location. Chris earns a living as a professor of pharmacology at a small private university in NC. He and his spouse, Kim, and their descendants, Kendall and Ivy, have been coming to SUUSI since 2005.

  • 102: Abortion Access in the SouthLimit 50

    Attendees will learn the legal basics of abortion access in a post-Roe era, with a quick overview of current laws of each state represented at SUUSI. From there, we'll discuss what we can do to promote reproductive justice in our communities. Austin E. Jenkins is a licensed attorney and a native and resident of WNC. Austin has a passion for Constitutional Law and the lawmaking process.

  • 103: Speed SocializingLimit 24

    Whether you are a newcomer to SUUSI or a returnee, there's always room for new connections. Join us for comfortable “getting to know you” conversations with others in the workshop. Questions will be provided to help jump-start the chatter! Dianna MacPherson is a long-time attendee and has met some of her favorite people at SUUSI. She loves making new connections.

  • 104: Live Your ValuesLimit 24

    Are you seeking to re-center and more fully live your values? It requires introspection and discernment. Using a beautifully-illustrated card deck, you'll be invited to discuss your core values, newly-emerging values, and some you find aspirational. Jon Reese has facilitated small and large-group workshops in educational and UU settings.

  • 110: Playful Guitar PlayingLimit 20

    I’ll show you easy methods to experiment on the guitar, like a kid in a sandbox! We’ll break out of patterns, get mind and fingers going new places, and open up the ears and imagination. All levels welcome, but knowing “cowboy chords" helps. Pat Wictor is a touring singer-songwriter / guitarist, music educator, and guitar instructor (on Zoom and in-person).

  • 111: Holding an Audience!Limit 20

    Holding an Audience – Just You and Your Guitar! This workshop gives you a guide to strategies for grabbing your audience and carrying them with you through your performances, using your groove, your chord choices, and the power of your right hand! Sam Robbins is a Concert Hour performer, and a widely touring singer-songwriter who has performed his songs at music festivals around the US.

  • 112: Drumming Out Loud!Limit 15

    Bring a drum and explore using mindfulness to unlock your powers of creativity. Learn to groove - and improvise! - by playing African-style polyrhythms in a supportive and fun drum circle. Experience joy, flow, and connectness. All levels welcome! Fred Katz is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and is a drummer, music educator and a mindfulness proponent. Visit

  • 113: Music Outreach 101Limit 24

    Have you ever dreamed of hosting a concert series at your congregation as a way of reaching out into the community? We have done this successfully for years. Come and hear how we do it and bring your own ideas and experiences to the conversation. Jeanette Muir established & continues to lead the concert series at BRUU. Betsi McGrath does event promotion artist selection, contracts & management.

  • 120: Nature's Harmony, Inka StyleLimit 25

    Discover the Inka's mystical wisdom, connecting with Mother Earth's energies for a harmonious life. Learn ancient practices for joy and relationship harmony. Ricardo Sanchez is a clinical mental health counselor, adjunct professor, researcher & author. Kathy Sanchez is an astrologer & a nutrition pro.

  • 121: Meet Your ChakrasLimit 24

    The vortices of energy along your spine store your entire history. Understanding & unclogging them can release tremendous potential and expanded consciousness . After viewing introductory videos, we will use their power to heal subconscious blocks. Phoenix Harmony Putney CYT, proprietor of Holistic Yoga, Greensboro, has been practicing yoga & meditation since 1988 & sharing it at SUUSI since '93.

  • 122: Dances of Universal PeaceLimit 80

    The Dances of Universal Peace are a powerful,cross-cultural way to touch spiritual essence through group moving meditation. Using sacred phrases, chants, music and simple movements holding hands in a circle, the dances evoke qualities of peace & joy. Rev Sally Azima Mabelle is a UU sufi minister from New Zealand, a certified dances of universal peace leader, experienced voice coach,mentor, & author

  • 123: MMA-Inspired Cardio WorkoutLimit 15

    High-energy mixed martial arts-inspired workout that is non-contact. We'll take some time at the beginning to go over basic moves, then we'll crank up the music and workout for an hour using the moves we learned. Options available for all bodies. Stacie Vecchietti has been a certified Les Mills Body Combat instructor > 5 years and currently instructs classes 2 times a week at local YMCA's.

  • 124: Self Massage for pain reliefLimit 50

    You'll learn some basic principles and simple self massage techniques and exercises to prevent or eliminate pain and tension and provide more flexibility. Bring a mat or blanket, and a tennis ball if you have one and wear clothes you can move in. Betsy Bickel is a professional massage therapist in NC (40 years). She loves getting people out of pain & helping them learn to help themselves.

  • 125: Finding Harmony in the ChaosLimit 15

    Are you so busy keeping it all together that you forget to slow down & nurture yourself? Learn practical techniques to find beauty in your daily grind by making the space to feed your soul. Patricia Townsend professionally and personally seeks a joyful and productive life journey and loves coaching others to do the same.

  • 126: How to MeditateLimit 24

    It seems simple: sit still, empty your mind, concentrate. Yet no other practice can surpass meditation's ability to awaken your magnificent High Self. This life-changing workshop takes you thru several reliable techniques leading to peace/love/joy. Phoenix Putney, CYT, has practiced yoga and meditation since 1988, and shared it at SUUSI since '93. Her teaching is imbued with passion and Spirit.

  • 127: Mindful Stress BustersLimit 30

    Experience a variety of fun hands-on mindfulness practices to bring into your life. Plus learn mindful techniques to help each of us handle life's daily stressors a bit more smoothly. Carolyn Sant Angelo & Scott May are mindfulness practitioners and facilitators, and are passionate about sharing mindfulness with others.

  • 128: Flow Yoga as Pathway to SacredLimit 32

    Yoga asana (the physical practice of yoga) can be a tool to remember our divinity, connection and sacredness. This slow flow yoga class will be meditation in motion, as we move deeper into our heart space. Knowledge of yoga poses is required. Wendy Swanson is an E-RYT500 Kripalu trained yoga teacher, licensed acupuncturist, international retreat leader, writer and former yoga studio owner.

  • 129: Reimagining CWM/CCM MusicLimit 150

    Join us in reimagining Contemporary Worship Music (CWM/CCM) around the Seven Principles. Discover the health benefits of charismatic worship. This is a space to close your eyes, sing, raise your hands, cry, contemplate, and be moved. Lee Wilsonwithers, over 20 years of experience as worship leader & currently works as a professor @Forsyth Tech & is the 2023 Teacher of Excellence.

  • 130: Meditation, ContinuedLimit 24

    You've discovered the many benefits of meditation--and obstacles preventing maximum fulfillment. Learn simple techniques to overcome them, plus practical applications and the grandest of finales: an extended guided/silent meditation. Phoenix Putney, CYT, has practiced yoga and meditation since 1988, and shared it at SUUSI since '93. Her teaching is imbued with passion and Spirit.

  • 140: Zentangle IntroductionLimit 20

    Zentangle is a spiritual drawing process, grounded in gratitude, which is a also a form of meditation. This class will give you all you need to start, & soon you'll be tangling all over SUUSI. Best of all, in Zentangle there are NO mistakes! Rev. Cynthia Landrum has been Zentangling for over a decade and is a Certified Zentangle Teacher. Her work has been seen in Artisan's Bazaar.

  • 141: Poetry Writing CircleLimit 30

    Dive into the poetic realm! This Poetry Writing Circle is a haven for wordsmiths. Share verses, explore themes, and embrace the magic of language together. Join us to celebrate creativity and connection in the art of poetry. Nicole Tearno is an emerging artist and mental health counseling student. She empowers dialogue with art, courage, and acceptance for societal change.

  • 142: Haiku & NatureLimit 20

    YOU are a poet! If you don't know it, join this workshop and discover this truth. Explore the practices of Haiku writing and mindful walking on the beautiful campus of RU. Patricia Townsend has been a passionate Haiku-er for many years and enjoys sharing the benefits of Haiku and the mindfulness it evokes with others.

  • 144: Combating Logical FallaciesLimit 30

    Learn how to identify and counter strawmen, red herrings, and other logical fallacies taken straight from the day's headlines, and strengthen your own critical thinking by learning the basics of logic, rhetoric, and persuasion. Stacy Gilbert, a former state-ranked debater, is an advocate for the study of logic and rhetoric in school, at work, and throughout life.

  • 145: An introduction to ChocolateLimit 30

    Learn about chocolate history and technology and how to evaluate chocolate quality characteristics. Jon Hoskin has a PhD in Food Science and chocolate conching was the topic of his dissertation.

  • 146: Windows computer doesn't work?Limit 50

    For Windows computers that don't work, there is a simple answer. Assuming it's not damaged, wipe it and install Linux. I will show how to install and introduce the open source concept and discuss the many programs and options. Reuse and repurpose. Jon Hoskin has a Ph.D. He has worked with Clemson University Computer & Information Technology for over 20 Years

  • 148: Social Security & Medicare 101Limit 50

    This program will give an overview of Social Security and Medicare, answering the most common questions people have about both programs, from the perspective of an attorney who regularly helps clients navigate retirement planning. Good for all ages! Austin E. Jenkins is a licensed attorney and a native and resident of WNC. Austin has a passion for Constitutional Law and the lawmaking process.

  • 149: The trouble with sugarLimit 50

    Humans evolved in a low sugar environment and now we exist in a high sugar world. History explains how we got here, it doesn't say anything about the human impact. We know so much and should be healthier so why are't we? Jon Hoskin has a Ph.D. in Food Science.

  • 150: Me & White Supremacy (DEI)Limit 30

    The exercises in "Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor" began as a 28-day Instagram challenge and became a NYT bestseller. Begin at SUUSI and continue the work at home in a supportive online community. I am a member of the SUUSI DEI committee. I've worked through the exercises in this book and am excited to share it with others.

  • 151: On Repentance and RepairLimit 10

    On Repair and Repentance is the UU Common Read for 2023-2024. Join us for a deep discussion on how we can make amends and repair relationships when harm has occurred. Request participants read book ahead. Facilitators: Rev. Jan Taddeo, Gary Gonzalez Jan Taddeo, a retired UU minister, Gary Gonzales is on the SUUSI Covenant Team. Both committed to repairing relationships @ SUUSI community & beyond.

  • 152: Siding with Asylum-SeekersLimit 100

    Join UUSC to learn about the Congregational Accompaniment Project for Asylum-Seekers. We'll explore the issues, watch and discuss the Seeking Asylum film, and learn how to join UUs around the country who are offering solidarity to asylum-seekers. Jessica Sapalio is the Coordinator of UUSC’s Congregational Accompaniment Project for Asylum-Seekers and an SJ co-chair at the Williamsburg UU in VA.

  • 153: Neuroscience change religion Limit 50

    The new Neuroscience allows us to look at ourselves differently. Mind maps, learning and predictions are part of that understanding which makes us more than a computer. This impacts how we change and how religions began. This is the culmination of my interests in computing, anthropology, neuroscience and religion.

  • 154: Environmentalism RefreshLimit 16

    If eco-anxiety, burnout, or avoidance describe your relationship to the ecological crisis, you're due for a refresh. We'll explore a variety of media from creative thought leaders to reground our spiritual orientation and revitalize our engagement. Jon Reese co-leads Atlanta UU's Climate Action Team, participates with Georgia Interfaith Power & Light, and finds Joanna Macy's work inspiring.

  • 155: Monday Morning Team TriviaLimit 40

    Get your brain buzzing before your other trivia games! Bring a team (or just yourself) for the first face-off of the week! My questions can be odd and amusing, so bring a sense of humor! (A a web-capable device is required for each team.) Uncle Flip is a dilettante. That's made for past trivia games that have kept players laughing, or sometimes just shaking their heads in disbelief.

  • 156: Freedom Through Theta HealingLimit 15

    Theta Healing is a powerful meditation and prayer technique that helps us gain freedom to live the lives we were meant to live. We’ll use it to replace limiting beliefs with the ones that set us free. Walk away excited, uplifted, and energized! Julia Karpeisky is an author, executive coach and Level 2 Theta Healer. She serves clients who are serious about living on purpose.

  • 157: The Tao of Not for Profit Org Limit 20

    The Tao of NFP Management and Accounting is designed to help provide insight into the Operations, Reporting, and Compliance of not-for-profit organizations. Providing information for management and boards to maintain their NFP tax-exempt status. Michael Figuera accounting firm focusing Not-For-Profit Organizations providing advisory & assurance services in Western North Carolina for 15 years.

  • 158: Stoics: Anger Mercy & RevengeLimit 20

    Stoic philosopher Seneca (4 BCE-65 CE) lived in contentious times. His pithy writings give perspective + practical advice for this moment. Req’d: Read (before class) Seneca’s “Anger, Mercy, Revenge,” trans. Kaster / Nussbaum, ISBN 9780226748429 Pat Wictor is a touring singer-songwriter / guitarist with a Masters in History Education. He has led many workshops on classic lit. and philosophy.

  • 159: A fair and even family budgetLimit 30

    Building a family budget is not always easy. What if 2 or more people contribute, how much should they give. Come play with some fake numbers and learn how to prorate your input that is even and fair for all from your SUUSI Staff Treasurer (Brian). Brian Cooley used to be an accountant, and has implemented this method in his household and they rarely fight over money.

  • 160: Viking Wire WeavingLimit 10

    Jewelry: Let’s create a beautiful pieces of jewelry using Viking wire weaving method using cooper metals, slightly freestyle! Kim Garver, educator knitting techniques/restorer of vintage sock & knit machines.Constant in her creative endeavor to create beautiful works of art.

  • 161: Spirals, Spiders & StarburstsLimit 14

    Nothing could be shinier than showing your inner-SUUSI-self. Have something ordinary at home? We'll make it so extraordinary that you'll want to wear it out to Serendipity Friday evening. Bring up to 2 natural fiber items for us to re-imagine. Jenna Fairhaven helps with youth staff & tie-dye in various capacities &has led youth tie-dye & adult workshops over the years.

  • 162: Diamond PaintingLimit 25

    Diamond painting creates sparkling, vibrant, colorful mosaic-style art pieces. The process involves applying rhinestones, crystals, or beads on intricately patterned designs. Come have fun crafting! No skill or experience necessary! Sandra Jackson - a lifelong learner, Harvard graduate, & public health expert.

  • 181: YA Table Tennis TournamentLimit 32

    This tournament is open to all Young Adults. There will be a 30 minute organizational meeting Monday (time TBD) with tournament play proceeding throughout the week. The format is double elimination, so everyone is guaranteed at least two matches. John Merkel had attended 7 SUUSIs & enjoys organizing SUUSI table tennis workshops. In a past life he was the US Junior Olympic Table Tennis Champion.

  • 182: Teens Table Tennis TournamentLimit 32

    This tournament is open to all Teens. The format is double elimination, so everyone is guaranteed at least two matches. John Merkel had attended 7 SUUSIs & enjoys organizing SUUSI table tennis workshops. In a past life he was the US Junior Olympic Table Tennis Champion.

  • 183: WUURTH: Return to HarbourLimit 10

    This Dungeons and Dragons adventure is a sequel to the adventure that I ran last year, but it doesn't require having participated in last year's adventure. The party travels to the seafaring town of Harbour to deal with the fallout from year. WUURTH is a world that combines fantasy elements with our UU values, and the adventures players have each year change the world and lead into the adventures planned for the following year. This workshop is intended for more experienced players who are familiar with 5th edition D&D (Levels 4-6). Peter Morrison has attended SUUSI for about ten years and has played and run D&D since 1978. This workshop involves emotional experiences that may be stressful. This workshop is not a form of counseling or therapy, and workshop leaders focus on the whole group rather than providing support to any specific individual. This is part of the WUURTH series including Workshop 185 and Sports 3022 and 3023.

  • 184: A Knotty ConversationLimit 15

    Have a conversation about the world of knots, learn at least 5 basic knots useful in a wide variety of situations, including the bowline and the trucker's hitch for a load-tying challenge. I'm not an expert, invite insights, will cover basics. Star Muir has taught communication for 40 years, loves family, music, puzzles, wizard gumshoes, tai chi. Now there are 12 characters left.

  • 185: WUURTH in Peril!Limit 10

    The former mayor of Harbour is running for WUURTH council based on his "successful" career in Harbour. WUURTH is a world that combines fantasy elements with our UU values, and the adventures players have each year change the world and lead into the adventures planned for the following year. This workshop is intended for more experienced players who are familiar with 5th edition D&D (Levels 4-6). Peter Morrison is a nine year veteran of SUUSI and has played and run D&D since it was originally published. This workshop involves emotional experiences that may be stressful. This workshop is not a form of counseling or therapy, and workshop leaders focus on the whole group rather than providing support to any specific individual. This is part of the WUURTH series including Workshop 183 and Sports 3022 and 3023.

  • 200: Humanitarian Assistance 101Limit 40

    By understanding the framework for international humanitarian assistance and some of the most pressing issues in providing protection and assistance to the most vulnerable, we can understand the most effective ways to help. Stacy Gilbert has worked in international humanitarian assistance for 20+ years.

  • 201: Reparations:Indigenous & BlackLimit 25

    Learn and discuss information about reparations for Indigenous and Black peoples. Why is this topic important to you? How can we go about making their lives matter every day in meaningful ways? Charlotte Kendall been a racial & social justice activist all my life, read many books, taken actions in various places, & find joy inspiring others.

  • 202: Beyond Prison Ministry for UUsLimit 20

    Join a discussion of what Prison Ministry could look like for the average UU. We will engage in discussion of what would be helpful to the incarcerated, beyond offering Bible Studies. I will share some of my ideas and welcome sharing perspectives. Kate Hofmann is thrilled to be back at SUUSI and eager to meet friends, old and new.

  • 203: What is a Microaggression?Limit 35

    The term "microaggression" has become prevalent recently, but what does it really mean? How can one tell if they are using one? Why does it matter? Join the SUUSI DEI staffers as we explore and encourage our own paths of progress. Rachel Bevins is a professional educator & neurodiversity advocate. Elizabeth facilitates OASUUS, a space for BIPOC UUs to come together at SUUSI.

  • 210: School of RockLimit 12

    Teens and YA’s that sing or play instruments choose a set of popular songs to cover, rehearse Monday-Thursday, and perform at Thursday’s concert hour. A lot of fun and a great bonding experience for all that attend. Dan (bass) is a School of Rock alumni that's looking forward to coaching the next generation!

  • 211: Music of the CircleLimit 30

    Music of the Circle builds community with music. Using voices, body percussion, and simple movement we will create a one-of-a-kind musical experience in a mistake free zone. Accessible to beginners, may challenge those with experience. Eric Bannan and Pat Wictor are performing songwriters and improvisors who enjoy making stuff up.

  • 212: The Big Sing ChoirLimit 50

    The Big Sing Choir-Do you sing in your home congregations' choir or would like to learn choir vocal techniques? Looking for a big group! Often this choir sings in one of the evening worship services.Music will be shared prior to Sussi for added prep Joanna Lovell has over 15 years of choir director experience in the UU community. Dr. Shirley Mier is a music professor, pianist, arranger & composer.

  • 213: The SUUSIBoyzLimit 100

    The SUUSIBoyz are an all-male chorus performing at various venues during SUUSI, singing serious and not so serious music. All singing levels are welcome, so bring your voice, sense of humor, and open mind. Come raise your voice with The Boyz. Neal Watzman has sung with the SUUSIBoyz since 2009, directing The Boyz in 2023. During the offseason, sings tenor or baritone with several choirs.

  • 214: SUUSI Performers CircleLimit 50

    If other options are too late for you or you can't get enough music at night join us in the afternoon for music in the round from SUUSI beloved performers. Put some more music and love in your day! The list of performers will be posted in the SUUSI News. Eileen Baker, who managed SUUSI Concert Hour for many years, will be hosting.

  • 215: Transforming & Healing SongsLimit 30

    Music has a unique power to transform us—in our inner soul-work and in the outer work of healing the world. What song/piece of music has given you courage? How might we nurture the ability to be vehicles for healing thru music, musician or not? Jesse Palidofsky is an Award-winning Azalea City Recordings artist & a Board Certified Chaplain. He's a seasoned & highly gifted workshop leader.

  • 216: Sing Songs of the 70's with meLimit 50

    A celebration of the great singer/songwriter music of the 70's. I grew up on James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Elton John, Kenny Loggins, Jackson Browne, Carly Simon, etc. I'll perform, you can sing along or just listen and remember. Greg Greenway; internationally touring artist with 10 solo CDs 3 more w Brother Sun. Carnegie Hall, All Things Considered, Mountain Stage, Car Talk.

  • 217: Threshold ChoirLimit 15

    Threshold Choir provides comfort through song at the end of life. Come explore the organization, learn a few of our gentle songs, experience a 'song bath,' and find out what's involved in starting a Threshold chapter in a new location. After a lifetime of singing, Ginny Moreland joined the Threshold Choir in 2012, co-founded the Asheville chapter, and now coaches new chapter leaders.

  • 220: Beginning Ballroom DanceLimit 40

    Enjoy exploring the benefits of partner dancing. Students will learn the basics of Ballroom/Latin/Swing dancing which can be used in social situations. No dance experience is required. Singles, couples and same-sex couples welcome. Michael Recant & Deborah Hood have been amateur ballroom dancers since the 1980's. They are very active in the Richmond, VA dance community.

  • 221: The ChangeLimit 30

    Navigating The Change, from perimenopause to post-menopause, can be challenging. Having the best available information can help you come out stronger - physically, mentally, and emotionally - on the other side. Lois Colbridge has decades of experience counseling people deal with life's challenges. Now she is helping women navigate perimenopause more easily

  • 222: Bellydance PlayshopLimit 40

    Come play with the elements - the passion of fire, the stability of earth, the fluidity of water and the lightness of air! Discover some new ways of moving for self expression, fun and fitness. Dress festively in clothes you can move in. Betsy Bickel has been teaching bellydance for decades and is a recidivist performer at Cabaret.

  • 223: The Dance of JoyLimit 25

    Joy is deeper than happiness. Those who suffer the most can at times, like the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, be the most joy-filled. Let's explore, in exercises, music & dialogue, how we can water the seeds of joy in our own lives. Jesse Palidofsky is an Award-winning Azalea City Recordings artist & a Board Certified Chaplain. He's a seasoned & highly gifted workshop leader.

  • 224: Restorative Meditative YogaLimit 28

    Unwind body, mind and spirit with gentle seated and reclined yoga stretches aimed to restore balance and ease. You will bring pillows and blankets to create support for your body to unwind and let go. We will conclude with a guided mediation. Wendy Swanson is an E-RYT500 Kripalu trained yoga teacher, licensed acupuncturist, international retreat leader, writer and former yoga studio owner.

  • 225: Goddess YogaLimit 40

    Take on the power and postures of 26 goddesses from around the world. This moving meditation has a spoken affirmation and is designed to develop flexibility, grace, strength, balance and a positive self image. Comfy clothes and yoga mat please. Betsy Bickel is a feminist bellydancing pagan massage therapist & used all that to create Goddess Grace: A Moving Meditation in '93.

  • 226: Modular Origami StarLimit 14

    Construct an origami star polyhedron that makes a good ornament on a Christmas tree. This is a modular model; that is, it is made by constructing pieces and fitting them together. We will make the Sonobe stellated octahedron. Jim Blowers has a PhD in mathematics. At graduate school, conferences, and through YouTube, he discovered several ways of making polyhedron models.

  • 250: Enneagram: Key to CompassionLimit 30

    The Enneagram is a personality typology that focuses on 9 types of people. Learn more about yourself and others to increase your compassion and grow into the healthiest, most balanced version of yourself. Kelly Simonson is a Licensed Psychologist who works with individuals and couples to promote greater self-awareness, communication and mental health.

  • 251: Create a Vision BoardLimit 20

    A vision board is a visualization tool which is made up of pictures, quotes, intentions and affirmations that represent goals and future plans. This fun and interactive activity is unique to you and can help you work toward a better tomorrow! Marlene & Erin Lieb, mother/daughter, duo are long time SUUSI goers who love creative play & have both led Visioning Workshops at their Fellowships.

  • 252: No teams! Just Trivia!Limit 40

    We're tossing out teams, for an individual trivia challenge, including my trademark oddball questions! There WILL be points wagering! We may also do last person standing, lightning rounds, etc. Be sure to bring a web-capable device for gameplay. Uncle Flip is a dilettante. That's made for past trivia games that have kept players laughing, or sometimes just shaking their heads in disbelief.

  • 253: Intro to Loving What Is Limit 30

    Do you have any stressful thoughts that are impacting your life? What would your life be like if that stressful thought lost all power to impact your life and never returned ? What if you had the tools to convert any stressful thought into a gift ? Cliff Jackson shares information about Byron Katie's WORK, that has had a very positive impact on him and his family & hopes to share it with SUUSI .

  • 254: Scenic Mobile PhonePhotographyLimit 14

    Take better pictures with your mobile phone! How to advance from snapshots to scenic images that tell a story. We'll talk about techniques, look at some examples to explain them, then go outside and pick a subject or two, then compare and edit. Daniel Senie is an award-winning scenic, wildlife and nature photographer. Dan & Faith are also award-winning singer/songwriter/storytellers.

  • 255: Introduction to AI GraphicsLimit 50

    Stable Diffusion is a form of Artificial Intelligence able to produce images from a text input. This workshop will introduce the process and give examples and hopefully producing a few. Its controversial nature will be discussed. Jon Hoskin has been writing an ongoing series of articles in on this topic & will also be leading the same workshop at UUFC.

  • 256: End of Life PlanningLimit 50

    This workshop will review the 5 documents needed for the ones you love (will, financial power of attorney, health care power of attorney, living will and more). 1st session will review documents and 2nd session is for questions/clarifications. Nancy Mayer is an elder law attorney who practices in North Carolina and is currently a SUUSI Star Car Manager..

  • 257: Ask a Black GuyLimit 30

    Do you wonder what it is like to be a black person but do not feel you can ask direct questions about the lived experiences of your black friends without being offensive? Here is your opportunity! In this session, you can just ask a Black guy. Shel B Davis grew up in Winston Salem and Chicago, experiencing the social changes from the 60’s until now. He has spent 56 years being a black man.

  • 259: DEI Thrifting & Queer FashionLimit 40

    Get ready for Pride! On Monday we will take a trip to a nearby thrift store. On Tuesday we will discuss queer fashion icons & the history of queer fashion. We'll style our thrift store finds & participate in Tuesday's Community Time Pride Parade. Everyone is welcome - queerness optional! Jill Stingray and Alexis Long are members of the SUUSI DEI committee and love thrifting and fashion.

  • 260: Exploring Watercolor PaintingLimit 12

    Exploring Watercolor Painting We'll explore fun techniques and helpful principles for successfully painting with watercolors. Basic supplies will be provided. Andrea Morrison creates and teaches art year round and has taught an art workshop at SUUSI for 32 years.

  • 261: Creative Expression JourneyLimit 20

    Unlock Your Creativity at SUUSI by embarking on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration with specially tailored activities meant to let your inner artist flow. You'll enjoy a week of inspiration, relaxation, and fellowship. Nicole Tearno is an emerging artist and mental health counseling student. She empowers dialogue with art, courage, and acceptance for societal change.

  • 262: Visible MendingLimit 20

    Do you have a favorite sweater, shirt, or pair of jeans with a hole and wish you could mend new life into it? Join Kim and Bethany for some fun and creative time learning about visible mending - no previous stitching experience required! Kim Garner & Bethany Cecere find many benefits in stitching practices - meditative, creative, & keeping some textiles out of landfills!

  • 263: Make your own flower crown!Limit 10

    Who hasn't wanted a flower crown to wear to festivals or parties or just to feel pretty? Each participant will make their own crown using ivy garland, artificial flowers, and ribbons. All materials provided, just bring your creativity! Celeste Hall is a crafty person who has worked with several genres such as floral arrangements and wreaths, mandala painting, jewelry and more.

  • 264: Shiny OrigamiLimit 16

    Is foil origami paper less forgiving and harder to fold than regular origami paper? Yes. Is it pretty and shiny? Yes! So let's give it a try. We'll start with something easy and go from there. All levels of experience welcome. Jennifer Abercrombie enjoys paper folding and has led origami workshops at SUUSI for a few years now.

  • 265: Beginner KnittingLimit 15

    Come learn a new skill, and try knitting out. Knitting is a method for production of textile fabrics by interlacing yarn loops with loops of yarn. We'll discuss the basics of knitting and will work on a small project. Brian Cooley learned how to knit to surprise Bethany so they could do something together, he has now become an accomplished fiber artist.

  • 266: Hand-Lettering as MeditationLimit 10

    Participants will learn a simple, beautiful lettering style starting with basic strokes, then letters, and culminating in creatively writing a single word that is meaningful to the participant. Materials provided. Good handwriting NOT necessary! Stacy Gilbert has been doing calligraphy since 7th grade. Thanks, Catholic school.

  • 270: Magnificent MicrogreensLimit 20

    Microgreens are seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs that are dense with nutrition and easy to grow at home. Participants will learn about the benefits of eating microgreens, enjoy eating a variety of samples, and learn how to cultivate them. Patricia Townsend and Shel B Davis are urban farmers who would like to share their experiences with Microgreens and sustainable urban agriculture.

  • 271: An introduction to fine teaLimit 16

    Taste and compare fine teas (White, Green, Oolong, Black and Pu Erh) and learn about all aspects of tea. Jon Hoskin has a Ph.D. in Food Science. He has led tea tasting workshops in a variety of venues.

  • 280: Let’s Play Hand and FootLimit 20

    If you’ve learned how to play our family version of Hand & Foot now is the time to gather to play and explore strategies. If you haven’t learned it yet, come learn as we play. Gwen Helms & Jan Taddeo, sisters who have been playing our family game of Hand & Foot for 20+ years. We want to share the fun with our SUUSI family.

  • 281: Parlor GamesLimit 40

    Feeling playful? Come into our parlor and let your child out. From the familiar (Charades) to the obscure (Deprivation), we'll play a variety of indoor games to titillate your imagination and tickle your chuckle-box. Phoenix Putney designed this workshop in 1981 for playful types like her. She brings it back every few years just for fun!

  • 310: Friction Farm "House Concert" Limit 30

    Want to host a house concert? Wonder what it's like to attend? Friction Farm will "host a house concert". Learn what artists expect, setting up a room for music, getting guests to show up, and more. We'll share stories from the road and play songs. Friction Farm, Christine Stay & Aidan Quinn, is an internationally touring duo who have played and attended many house concerts.

  • 320: Visioning Your Life with YogaLimit 24

    Yoga is a way to move out of our analytical mind and into our body & heart. From this heart-centered place, we will envision and dream our lives forward. Our time will be spent in yoga flow and partially in guided exercises. Yoga Experience Helpful Wendy Swanson is a yoga & meditation teacher, acupuncturist, international retreat leader, published writer and former yoga studio owner.

  • 340: Writing Your LifeLimit 20

    Writing Your Life: a Liberating Workshop on the Power of Telling Your Own Story Leslie MacPherson holds an MFA degree in Creative Writing from Emerson College, a 6th-generation Universalist & believes in the power of storytelling.

  • 350: Trivia with KurtLimit 40

    Come join us for a fun, multigenerational evening of trivia! Emphasis on pop culture; not at all meant just for hardcore trivia experts. Kurt Fernstrom is not so great at answering trivia questions, which is why he likes to ask them!

  • 360: Intro to Virginia Hard CiderLimit 25

    This workshop will provide an introduction to Virginia hard cider's history, production, and the current state of the industry. We will sample 8-10 ciders, exploring the spectrum from very dry to quite sweet, from simply apple to flavor infused. Kathryn Perry has been visiting tasting rooms for over 20 years, and has introduced many friends to the variety of ciders available for us to enjoy.

  • 370: BrUU Tasting Limit 100

    SUUSI Homebrewers present an evening of fun with brUUs. We'll taste & discuss 4-6 varietals together and enjoy charcuterie. Feel free to bring a sampling from your local breweries. Alex Winner, Uncle Flip, and Nicole Tearno have been homebrewing for years. They're craft beer enthusiast with years of brUU tasting experience!

  • 380: 36 QuestionsLimit 40

    Skip the small talk and get to know someone - a partner, a parent, a friend, a complete stranger - in 36 questions. Returnees welcome: we'll have some new questions for these new times. Stacy Gilbert has led similar transformative workshops to make connections & build communities.

  • 400: Teens Way Off Broadway (TWOB)Limit 30

    Build deep friendships by putting a musical together in 5 days! TWOB is a team of teen actors, singers, dancers, and crew who rehearse, stage, and perform a musical for all of SUUSI. No stage experience necessary; come to learn and try something new. Erin Macpherson and Caitlin Muir are your new TWOB directors! Erin and Caitlin were in TWOB as teens and are lifelong SUUSI-goers.

  • 410: Heart Songs & Circle SongsLimit 24

    Heart Songs & Circle Songs is an ongoing community singing project. Participants of all ages, abilities & backgrounds are welcome. We’ll teach original songs, chants and rounds affirming the principles of peace, joy, justice-making and community. Bernice Martin is a minister & singer/songwriter. Heather Pierson singer/songwriter & pianist. Co-created The Heart Songs & Circle Songs circa 2018.

  • 490: Artisans' BazaarLimit 44

    Tables will be rented in 4' (1/2 table) increments. For 20% commission on sales over $150 (per increment) & 4 working hours, we provide you with space to sell your original work. Bethany Cecere, Kim Garver, Brian Cooley & the AB Crew are all looking forward to another fun year!