Adventure Trips


Adventure trips are just that – adventure! And they blend the line between the physical environment and human ingenuity. Choose your challenge in an aerial course in the trees with over 77 unique climbing, rolling, walking, jumping, swinging, and rappelling challenges. Get a Mountain Biking sampler-pack with 4 miles of purpose-built mountain bike trails and features on a rolling terrain, jumps tracks, and a skills park. Soar through majestic oaks with views of downtown Asheville reaching heights of more than 70 feet, and speeds of nearly 30 miles per hour! Or stay on campus and get your adrenaline going with a visit to the WCU rock climbing wall. 

Adventure Difficulty Ratings

Please read the descriptions of difficulty levels carefully before signing up for Adventure Trips.

Gentle: Introductory level. Climbing, biking, or fitness interest.

Moderate: Basic level. Some proficiency in climbing, biking, or fitness is required.

Strenuous: Advanced level. Above-average fitness. High proficiency in climbing, biking, or fitness is required.

Requirements for Adventure Trips

Please read the requirements section for your Adventure trip. These are real, safety-based mandates. You will not be allowed to go on a trip if you arrive at the Nature Tent without the required gear, and in such cases, there are no refunds.

Water, snacks, sunscreen, a raincoat, and bug spray are always good ideas for any nature trip. Our many years of experience, including occasional mishaps, have taught us that for your safety and your enjoyment, you must read the requirements and abide by the rules. Please consider the difficulty ratings carefully when choosing a trip.

Requirements and Guidelines for Ropes Courses, Rock Climbing and Rappelling

There is a tremendous amount of rock climbing in the Cullowhee area. This is mostly a frictional climbing area with sloped, rough walls rather than the vertical rock we were used to in West Virginia. Spread your palms and balance on your toes. Many of the climbs are at or near mountain tops of very steep terrain so there are a variety of breathtaking views of the surrounding area! Come join us for a fantastic climbing experience!

Required and suggested equipment:

  • Shoes: If you have climbing shoes, bring them (good tennis shoes are also acceptable).
  • Full leather
  • 1-2 quarts of water
  • Proper Shorts and T-shirts are OK.
  • A tie for long hair is required
  • A rain jacket is needed in this very rainy climate
  • Sunscreen and bug spray are also a good idea
  • A small backpack to carry your water

Requirements and Guidelines for Biking

Required and suggested equipment:

  • Minimum one quart of water and a way to carry it (fanny pack, cycling jersey, or camelback).
  • Helmet: bring your own or use a rented one
  • Closed-toe shoes (sneakers or running shoes work well).
  • Typical Nature trip stuff and a way to carry it (sunscreen, rain gear, and a snack).
  • Safety glasses are not a bad idea, if you bring sunglasses they must be shatterproof.

Biking shorts and gloves are recommended.

  • 804: Wildwater ZiplineLimit 9

    What an adventure! Ziplines are a spectacular way to experience flight and enjoy the outdoors with an added element of adventure and excitement. A combination of trees and platforms with 13 zips and eight sky bridges combine for over 1/2 mile of high-flying fun. Waivers are required - please print the waiver, fill it out, and bring it to registration. For participants under the age of 18, a signature by a parent or legal guardian is required. This amazing experience is provided by Wildwater, Ltd in Bryson City, NC. Drive Time: 75 mins each way. This trip requires reservations 2 weeks in advance and may only be added through SoLIS (not available at in-person registration). EDIT: participants under the age of 14 are required to have an adult parent/guardian in attendance.

  • 808: WCU Climbing Gym MondayLimit 18

    Western Carolina hosts one of the most extensive climbing programs in the East and the tallest collegiate wall in North Carolina. The Base Camp climbing wall offers 2100 square feet of climbing surface and is 50 feet tall. In addition to top-rope climbing, participants will also have the option to try bouldering. There are routes designed for the first-time climber as well as for the serious climber looking for a workout. An additional waiver is required for this trip. Please print the waiver, fill it out, and bring it to registration. For participants under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian's signature is required. Please do not arrive late to check-in for this trip, you will walk over with the entire group. The gym is within walking distance from the Nature Tent.

  • 809: WCU Climbing Gym ThursdayLimit 18

    See Trip # 808 for details. A waiver is required.

  • 820: KOLO Bike ParkLimit 3

    Want to mountain bike at SUUSI? Let’s go to KOLO at Treetops Adventure in Asheville, where you can push yourself at your own pace. Your fee includes the rental of a single-suspension bike and helmet. Here you’ll find about 4 miles of purpose-built mountain bike trails and features on rolling terrain. We like to think of it as a mountain-bike sampler pack. Designed for all rider levels, whether you’re just learning, taking it easy, or looking to push your edge a bit, you’ll find a taste of it at KOLO Bike Park. Key features include: a hand-built single track in wooded space, a machine-built flow trail with dirt berms and rollers, two pump tracks for beginner and advanced, wooden balance features and bridges, wooden step-down and gap jumps, a dirt jump area with jumps (ranging from easy to difficult), and a 180-degree wood berm. All of the trails and features at KOLO Bike Park are designed to be progressive. That means there are multiple ways to ride them, depending on your skill level, encouraging developing riders to advance their skills in a controlled environment. Children under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Please fill out the REQUIRED online waiver form at and bring it to check-in. Drive Time: 60 min one way. EDIT: Due to bike rental limitations, this trip is only available through SoLIS and cannot be added at in-person registration.

  • 826: Asheville Treetop AdventureLimit 3

    Come swing with us! Enjoy climbing, swinging, rappelling, and other challenges such as zip lines in a wooded setting. Asheville's Treetop Adventures is an hour's drive from WCU. A waiver is required for this trip, and it must be signed by a parent or legal guardian for anyone under 18. Drive Time: 60 mins one way. This trip requires reservations 2 weeks in advance and may only be added through SoLIS (not available at in-person registration). EDIT: children under 14 must have a parental escort in attendance.