Health FAQ

What vaccinations do I need to show proof of to attend SUUSI in person?

If you are over 18 years old and NOT volunteering with children at SUUSI this year, you don't have any vaccine requirements, including COVID. However, COVID boosters are strongly recommended. 

If you are under 18, you need to show proof of all CDC recommended childhood and adolescent vaccinations with the exception of flu and HPV. CDC recommended vaccination schedule

If you are over 18 and working with children 5 years old or younger at SUUSI this year, you need to show proof of MMR and Tdap vaccinations. If you are working with minors age 6-18 years old we strongly recommend you stay up to date with your Tdap vaccination and received your MMR vaccination. If you were born before 1957, you only need to show proof of Tdap as you are presumed to have been exposed to MMR as a child. If you provided proof of the MMR and Tdap last year no new proof is necessary.

What is the CDC’s vaccination schedule?

The current recommended childhood immunization (vaccination) schedule that SUUSI will use can be found at:

What counts as a medical contraindication?

The current list of medically valid contraindications for each vaccine that SUUSI will use can be found on the CDC’s website at:

How do I know if I’m up to date with MMR and Tdap?

The current recommended adult immunization (vaccination) schedule that SUUSI will use can be found through your state health department.

I am working with children at SUUSI and it has been a long time since I got my childhood vaccinations! How do I get proof of Tdap and MMR?

Tdap is recommended every 10 years, so if you haven't gotten a Tdap booster in the last decade you need to get one! If you have gotten a Tdap booster in the last 10 years, you should be able to get a record of it from your local health department and/or primary care physician.

For MMR, if you were born after 1957 and do not have access to your childhood vaccination records, you can either get a titer to test for MMR antibodies and show proof that way, or you can get an MMR booster.

Do you accept religious exemptions for SUUSI's vaccination requirements?

No, SUUSI does not accept religious exemptions for vaccination requirements. Medical exemptions for those with contraindications for specific vaccinations will be accepted.

How and when do I send in my vaccination verification?

Please send all vaccination records to as soon as possible. A photo of your  vaccination card works great (as long as it is readable)! Childhood vaccination records can be acquired by request from your child’s pediatrician and should also be sent to If you provided this information in 2022, no new proof is necessary.

What are SUUSI's COVID precautions/ requirements?

SUUSI is no longer requiring Covid-19 negative tests nor vaccinations in order to attend. We also do not require participants to wear masks indoors.

However,  we still strongly recommend being up to date on the most recent Covid-19 booster if it is accessible to you and testing your entire party before arrival. We also recommend taking additional precautions before and during SUUSI to protect yourself from exposure. 

You will not be able to attend SUUSI if you have COVID, and your SUUSI tuition will be refunded if requested - please email as soon as you find out. 

Precautions such as mask wearing, boosters and testing help us protect our entire SUUSI community, including infants, people who may be immuno compromised or who have other health issues that puts them at higher risk. 

Do we have to wear masks indoors at SUUSI? 

While SUUSI is not requiring masks, SUUSI recommends wearing a well-fitted, high quality mask indoors, particularly in crowded spaces like Worship and Concert Hour.

Do we need to get tested during SUUSI? 

SUUSI is not requiring negative COVID tests to attend SUUSI. 

What if I get COVID at SUUSI?

Any participants exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 at SUUSI will be asked to take a PCR test and remain quarantined and masked at all times until a negative result is confirmed.

Anyone who receives a positive PCR or rapid antigen test during SUUSI will need to leave campus immediately and will have their remaining SUUSI tuition refunded if requested. SUUSI will not provide quarantine

What does SUUSI recommend to protect ourselves from COVID

There are things you can do to help protect yourself and others from COVID. 


  • Consider buying travel insurance in case Covid disrupts your plans.
  • Acquire Covid rapid antigen tests, one for everyone coming with you.
  • Start taking extra precautions in public so that you lower your risk of missing SUUSI.
  • Consider getting a Covid booster if you haven’t already. 


  • Have everyone in your party take a rapid Covid test 24-48 hours before arriving at SUUSI. If you prefer, you may take a PCR test no more than 72 hours before arrival. If anyone tests positive, please let SUUSI know by emailing
  • Please pack masks!
  • Plan precautions during the trip, like wearing masks while you travel.


  • Wear a mask indoors in crowded spaces like Worship and Concert Hour.
  • Alert SUUSI if you have COVID symptoms.