The Wisdom Tree

Wisdom TreeThis is Nature for everyone – without any physical effort. Come sit, eat lunch, enjoy the afternoon breeze, and learn about what surrounds us. You’ll hear about what goes on in the caves underneath us and the heritage of the Southwest Virginia people. Learn about critters in the local rivers and the birds and butterflies in a way you’ve never heard before!

Charlie Grymes

Charlie served 30+ years with the US Department of the Interior and is now a recovering Federal bureaucrat. He taught "Geography of Virginia" as an adjunct at George Mason University, and currently volunteers with local organizations pestering elected officials.

  • 501: Under the Wisdom Tree: Caves of Virginia (Family Friendly)Limit 99

    Yup, there are holes in the ground here with raindrops flowing, bats flying through, and spelunkers exploring. We even have one cavern filled with natural gas (no smoking, please).

  • 502: Under the Wisdom Tree: Who Was Here First? Native Americans of SWVA (Family Friendly)Limit 99

    When you hear a land acknowledgment here…who are we acknowledging? When did they get here – and does any culture date back 10,000 years?

  • 503: Under the Wisdom Tree: If I Were a Fish, or a Mussel… (Family Friendly)Limit 99

    Southwest Virginia is a world-class biodiversity hotspot. You won’t find Aquaman or a mermaid in our rivers, but we've got some really special critters breathing underwater.

  • 504: Under the Wisdom Tree: Birds and Flutter-bys (Family Friendly)Limit 99

    Superman would have to eat a double Big Mac in order to fuel up and match the migrations of the birds and butterflies we see all around us at SUUSI. New River Valley is good enough to attract critters from South America and Central Mexico to spend the summer.