Guidelines for Parents & Guardians of Teens

  1. All teens must provide proof of age to be in the teen program.
    Proof of age is a birth certificate or any document that requires a birth certificate to obtain, such as a passport or driver’s license. We require a photocopy of the document, which must be mailed or e-mailed to the Registrar ( when you register.
  2. With your teen, please read and sign all of the Rules for Teens when registering.
    It is important that both you and your teen understand the rules.
  3. Have a frank and straightforward discussion with your teen about what expectations you both have for SUUSI.
    There is a blank space on the rules form for you to add any additional expectations you have for your teen. Parents and teens need to be aware of SUUSI policy on matters of sex, illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other substances like prescription drugs (The Rules for Teens can be found at our website). Teens also need to know the expectations concerning interactions with others and contributions they are expected to make to the community.
  4. On Sunday, stop at the Teens table at check-in, and plan to attend the mandatory meeting for all teens, parents, guardians and staff on Sunday from 8:30-9:00pm, immediately following SUUSI-wide Ingathering.
    Teens get their name tags at the mandatory orientation meeting. This meeting will be followed by the Teen Ingathering. The location for both meetings will be announced in the Arrival NUUS.
  5. Make physical contact with your teen at least once a day.
    This can be done by meeting for meals, or by attending a SUUSI event together. Another good way to have family time at SUUSI is to go on a nature trip or take a workshop as a family. The better you communicate with your teen at SUUSI, the better SUUSI your entire family will have.
  6. All parents and guardians need to understand that they are ultimately responsible for their teen at SUUSI.
    If for any reason the Teen Directors determine that your teen must leave the dorm for any period of time or leave campus for the duration of SUUSI, you will be responsible for housing and transportation.
  7. Communication is key!
    Be sure to accurately complete all forms and post your schedule on your door at SUUSI, so you can be easily found by staff in an emergency. It helps Teen staff to know about any special situations or concerns in advance. If you have any questions or concerns prior to SUUSI, please contact the Teen Directors at or in the Teen Dorm during SUUSI. Also, feel free to talk with Teen Staffers at any time during the week. They can help or direct you to appropriate assistance.
  8. In scheduling SUUSI for you and your teen, go gently.
    Participating in a variety of activities SUUSI-wide can be great, but many of us have a tendency to try and do everything, all the time. Schedule yourself like a good human: plenty of sleep, awake for most meals, and be sure to leave some time for spontaneous wonder to occur!

Rules for Teens (Age 14-17)

Excerpted from SUUSI Policy, Section 11


  1. No weapons, violence, or destructive behavior.
  2. No use or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, or nicotine and tobacco products, and no misuse or abuse of legal drugs.
  3. There will be no leaving the teen dorm between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. unless accompanied by your parent or guardian, or accompanied by Teen Staff for a pre-approved, scheduled activity. A pre-approved, scheduled activity is one that appears in the SUUSI brochure and/or confirmation newsletter and/or Sunday newsletter.
  4. Any violations of the SUUSI harassment policy as defined in may result in expulsion from the Teen program and SUUSI. The full wording of shall follow this rule when presented to teens and their parents or guardians for signature.
  5. Parent/guardian will be responsible for damages done to individual teen’s room.
  6. Parents/guardians will establish their own expectations for their teen and will maintain daily communication. Also, they will inform teen staff prior to removal of their teen from the campus.
  7. Sexual intercourse and patently sexual behavior between participants under 18 is prohibited at SUUSI. The Board recommends that parents/guardians of SUUSI teens discuss sexuality with their teen prior
    to SUUSI.
  8. The core staff member(s) in charge of teen programming will present policy changes regarding the rules for teens to the Board for approval on an annual basis or as needed.
  9. These rules apply to ALL teens, whether or not they reside in the teen dorm.