Dear Beloved SUUSI Community,

We want to be together again – need to be together again – in a year like no other in SUUSI history. With the COVID-19 pandemic still with high levels of community spread, our primary responsibility is to make it possible for as many of us as possible to gather as safely as possible.

After much consideration, the Core Staff and Board have approved a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Protocol to provide a safer environment for our community to attend an in person SUUSI. SUUSI is a place where each one of us is held in mutual care and respect, and as such we need safety policies that honor the diverse levels of risk tolerance found within our community.

Full details of the Covid-19 Safety Protocol and an FAQ are posted on the SUUSI website and are linked at the bottom of this email. There have been some changes to the procedures that were sent out in prior announcements, so we encourage everyone to take a look!

One notable addition will be an option to choose mask-required housing. If you would like to be housed in a hall where masks will be required in the hallways and common areas, contact no later than June 20th, which is also the date that registration closes. Anyone (all ages) can request to be housed in this area, and only those who request it will be housed in this area. Please be aware that requesting the mask-required hall will supersede any previous housing requests.

A return to SUUSI feels like a return to the time before the pandemic. But some things are not yet the same, and many of us are no longer the same. While we are overjoyed to return to much of what makes SUUSI so special, we also know that some things need to be different in order to gather together responsibly during this time. The pandemic has been hard on all of us, and that trauma may come out in strange and unexpected ways. Everyone is encouraged to treat each other with gentleness, and to react to those situations with empathy and compassion. We are so grateful for this opportunity to be together again.

Amy Davis, Director

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