Confirmation NUUS

This deluxe Confirmation NUUS edition has all the info you’ll need for SUUSI 2022. We have so much gratitude that we’ll be together. We can’t wait to see you!

Check-in is from 10 AM - 5 PM on Sunday, July 17, in the Bardo Performing Arts Center.

Check-in will take at least an hour. Plan your travel so you arrive in time to check in before 5 PM. Make sure to allow extra time for traffic delays. If you arrive later than 5 PM, you cannot check in until 8 AM Monday morning. You will have to arrange your own dinner and housing for Sunday night. If circumstances beyond your control prevent you from arriving before 5 PM, text or call the registrar, Connie Moore, at 540-226-5736.

For more details about your 2022 SUUSI experience, check out the full Confirmation NUUS 2022.

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