Wednesday NUUS

We're halfway through our magical week together! Have you made an effort to introduce yourself to a newcomer and converse with someone new? Have you stepped outside your comfort zone, learned a new skill or game strategy or song, helped finish a puzzle at Common Ground? Continue to protect your precious energy, to look out for each other, and to enjoy how this diverse community helps everyone thrive!
Morning Worship with Friction Farm
Modern folk duo Friction Farm join us for a moving and thoughtful service.
Concert Hour
Wednesday’s Concert Hour performer is Lara Herscovitch. As described in The Boston Globe, Lara brings “a luminous voice and a buoyant stage presence… big-hearted lyrics embrace the sum of life… Herscovitch’s music blows on the embers of a lagging spirit or a dormant creative life.” Sound Waves Magazine described her music as “expertly written prose… songwriting at its best… good for your ears AND your soul.” The wisdom in her artistry comes from decades of humanitarian work in education, community development, environmental protection, and justice system reform. As Acoustic Live in New York City described, “She possesses not only a huge reservoir of musical talent and a voice with a bell-like clarity, but a keen sense of global concern and a fierce intellect... It might seem too good to be true, but true it is.” Visit
Evening Worship: Gratitude and Grace
Rev. Lori Hlaban will lead us to explore the ways gratitude and grace come from and support one another. Lori is the minister of the UU Fellowship of Beaufort, SC.
Wednesday Community Time: SUUSI Pride
Wear or bring your Pride swag and join our celebration of the fabulous LGBTQIA+ community. Face painting provided by teen volunteers. Make banners and swag to join the walk at 5 PM.
Star Car Drivers Still Needed
Please sign up to volunteer at the table in the lobby of Blue Ridge just outside the entrance to the SUUSI bookstore.
UPDATE: Addiction and Recovery Space
Hosted meetings are set for the week in Blue Ridge 230!
• Wednesday - 10 AM • Thursday - 10 AM • Thursday - 5:30 PM • Friday - 2 PM 
Beyond meetings, feel free to stop by the room any time for respite and recharge. Recovery materials and reading resources are provided for your support throughout the SUUSI week. 
What to Do If You're Feeling Sick
We are halfway through the week, which seems like a good time to remind everyone of what to do if you start feeling sick. At the first sign of any potential Covid-19 symptoms, we are asking all SUUSI participants to take a PCR test ASAP. You can make an appointment at the CVS in Sylva (3.1 miles from campus) or at Harris Urgent Care (3.9 miles from campus). Until you get your results back, please wear a mask at all times and do not attend any in person events. If your result is negative but your symptoms continue, please take a rapid antigen test daily (test can be acquired at the info office) and continue to wear a mask as much as possible. If you get a positive result on either a PCR or rapid antigen test, please call the SUUSI Help Line at 888-SUUSI-22. As always, please send any questions or concerns to Sarah at!
An Opportunity to Discuss Anxiety
The scheduled Post-Pandemic Social Anxiety Workshop has been canceled… but my anxiety lingers on. How about you? Get together with organizer Mary Ann Somervill and talk about it. No cost, no registration, no need to have signed up for this workshop previously. 9-11 AM, today, in Balsam 270.
Middlers NUUS
The Middlers’ Dance for 11-13 year olds is tonight! Middlers will get their dance on at Hillside Grind from 7-9 PM. Send your song requests to
Middler parents: To join Remind texts for the 11s and 12s, text @4250e to 81010. To join Remind texts for the 13s, text @eecf8k to 81010.
Wednesday's Performers Circle (workshop #213) has been canceled.
Who You Gonna Call? The SUUSI Helpline!
Thank you for continuing to channel your questions through our SUUSI volunteers. The phone number is located on your name tag (but you probably have it memorized)Please note: 888-SUUSI-22 is for voice calls only.. When you call, press 0 to get to the all-purpose, all-knowing, fount of SUUSI knowledge. If you just hate making voice calls, you may text 828-538-3041 instead. How can we help you?
So many +++ to Ballroom Hour+
Ballroom Hour+ is an evening event where there is DJed music for your partner-dancing pleasure on a large wooden dance floor. We have moved to a new location this year, which is the far end of the Reid Gymnasium. We have also moved to the earlier time slot of 6:30-8 PM, today through Friday. To find us, come out of the main door of the dining hall, take a left, follow the sidewalk and the Reid building will be on your left (it's behind the Campus Recreation Center). The door to our area of the gym is in the back right of the building once you are inside.
We call it Ballroom Hour+ because of the extended time (1.5 hours), because we will be playing a mix of Ballroom, Swing, Latin, and Country each night for your partner dancing pleasure, and because we will run a short dance lesson during the evening. We will be doing a different dance lesson each night, plus there will be experienced dancers on hand to help you during the evening. Try something new - check us out!
BBQuusi will be at Hillside Grind from 1-3:30 AM tonight (actually, Thursday morning). Because this is an 18+ event where young adults are welcome, it's alcohol free. 
Anyone Can Zoom
The zoom link to watch worship and concert hour is not just for virtual SUUSI participants! You may wish to watch from your room or outside. Please bookmark this Zoom link. We’ll be using the same link for all streaming events except Teen Way Off Broadway. Check your email Thursday night for the special link to watch TWOB.
Transition Worship Service
Do you wish to dedicate your child to this SUUSI community? Please send an email to by 6 PM Wednesday for our Life’s Stages service, which will be held Thursday evening.
Serendipity Drink Tickets
Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at Serendipity, located at the Hillside Grind. However, you cannot pay cash on-site for a drink. You will need to pay for your beverages with drink tickets, which can be purchased at the following locations only:
  • SUUSI Bookstore- daily, from 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
  • Artisan’s Bazaar-9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Bardo Performing Arts Center lobby during Concert Hour, Monday through Thursday from 8-9 PM, and immediately following TWOB on Friday evening. 
Each drink ticket costs $2, and beverages are priced at a given number of drink tickets:
  • Non-alcoholic beverages, (1) ticket (equivalent of $2)
  • Bud Light, Stella Artois or similar, (1) ticket 
  • Craft beer or wine, (2) tickets 
  • Mixed drinks, (3) tickets 
OASUUS Meetup for BIPOC 
Have you stopped by the OASUUS lounge yet? Join us today in Blue Ridge 271 between 5-6 PM for informal conversation and getting to know one another, as well as exploring the materials available for your use in the space! This meeting is for SUUSI participants who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).
Wednesday's TWOB Clue
TWOB (Teen Way Off Broadway) will be Friday at 8pm in Bardo! This year we will just have a single show. Here is today’s clue:
Did you know that the first time the TWOB cow went onstage, it was white?
Think you know what the 2022 TWOB show theme will be? Email
Missing Something?
The SUUSI Lost & Found is in Balsam 230, the SUUSI Office. Note: Age group programs such as Youth, Middlers, and Teens may have their own Lost & Found areas.
Single Room?
If you’re in a single room and sharing a bathroom with another SUUSI participant, please make sure that you unlock both doors when you leave the bathroom. Don’t lock your neighbor out!
Need a Jump?
On several occasions, SUUSI folks have returned to their vehicles during the week or after packing to leave and find that the vehicle's battery is dead. Alexis Jones always brings jumper cables to SUUSI and is happy to help out. Look for him in Balsam 199 or working in the SUUSI Store.
Nature NUUS
If you have a trip scheduled for the remainder of the week, please check your e-mail for a trip travel coordination e-mail. Parking passes for the day of your scheduled trip can be found in Blue Ridge 102 and are good starting at 7 PM on the night before.
Nature Haiku
Do you need a ride?
Carpool extravaganza
Haven't lost one yet
Wednesday Schedule
9-9:45 AM: Morning worship with Friction Farm, Coulter Recital Hall
9:30 AM - 6:30 PM: SUUSI Store open, Blue Ridge Center
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM: Artisans' Bazaar open, Blue Ridge Center
12:45-1:45 PM: Greg Greenway in concert at the SUUSI Store
4-6 PM: Community Time - SUUSI Pride, Central Plaza
5:15-5:45 PM: Group Meditation, Blue Ridge 203
6:30-8 PM: Ballroom Hour+, Reid gym
7-9 PM: Middler Dance, Hillside Grind
7-7:45 PM: Evening Worship with Rev. Lori Hlaban, Bardo Arts Center
8-9 PM: Concert Hour with Lara Herscovitch, Bardo Arts Center
9-11:30 PM: Cabaret, Bardo Arts Center
10 PM - 1 AM: Serendipity (theme: tropical), Hillside Grind
1-3:30 AM: BBQUUSI
No CACHE tonight
Need help? Call 888-SUUSI-22 any time!

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