Tuesday NUUS

Admit it: you're enjoying yourself, aren't you? So much variety, so many friendly exchanges, so much inspiration, so much sleep – well... We hope Monday's workshops, nature trips, and worship left you hungry for more. We've only just begun!
Morning Worship
Join the Covenant Accountability Team at 9 AM in Coulter Recital Hall for a consideration of covenant and gratitude.
Be an active bystander and help
SUUSI live into its covenant!
This spring, SUUSI's staff and board engaged in a powerful bystander intervention training led by the Transforming Hearts Collective, designed to help us build our skills in being active bystanders and intervening when members of our community say and do things that don't align with our covenant. Now this training is available to all SUUSI attendees! In addition to the 90-minute video, the training includes resources and helpful stock phrases we can use when engaging in the spiritual practice of calling each other back into covenant.
Concert Hour
Tonight’s Concert Hour features Deidre McCalla and begins at 8 PM. Deidre came of age in the fiery blaze of NYC's folk heyday – a time when Greenwich Village clubs were filled with the likes of Dylan, Baez, and Ochs; a time when Motown ruled the top of the charts and the streets of America screamed with anger and civil unrest. Her first album, Fur Coats and Blue Jeans, was released when Deidre was 19 and a student at Vassar College. With a theater degree tucked under her belt and an acoustic guitar tossed in the back of a battered Buick station wagon, Deidre hit the proverbial road and never looked back. She has shared the stage with notables, including Suzanne Vega, Tracy Chapman, Holly Near, Odetta, and Sweet Honey in the Rock. Visit Deidre's website: www.deidremccalla.com.
Evening Worship: The Sorrows We Bear 
Join us at 7 PM in Bardo to honor the memories of those we have lost in our SUUSI community and our personal lives over the last few years.
Teens Take Over Community Time
Ready to have a good time with temporary tattoos and painting SUUSI rocks? We are looking forward to seeing what fun activities are in store for all of us today from 4-6 PM!
Star Car Drivers Needed
Please sign up to volunteer at the table in the lobby of Blue Ridge just outside the entrance to the SUUSI bookstore.
An Opportunity to Discuss Anxiety
The scheduled Post-Pandemic Social Anxiety Workshop has been canceled… but my anxiety lingers on. How about you? Get together with organizer Mary Ann Somervill and talk about it. No cost, no registration, no need to have signed up for this workshop previously. 9-11 AM, Wednesday, in Balsam 270.
Air Conditioner Tips & Tricks
The heat and AC in the dorms will turn off if the window is not closed and latched, so if your AC doesn’t seem to be working, first try opening the window, closing it, and re-latching it. To adjust the temperature, you can change the thermostat on the AC panel. There is also a button for “manual on,” which gives you the option to select 30, 60, or 90 minutes of manual override AC to cool down your room quickly.
Warm Up That Voice
The Late Night Song Circle has been moved to Balsam 405. Come join the fun! We usually start around midnight.
Dine Where You Choose
The cafeteria is open daily from 6:30 AM - 8 PM, and you may eat your meals at any time during those hours. Remember that carry-out boxes are solely for people who are getting a meal to go. Please use the regular dishes if you are eating in the dining hall. You may not eat a meal in the dining hall and then fill a carry-out box with more food to eat later. Carry-out boxes have been provided by WCU to meet our request for a Covid-safer meal option. Happy dining!
Who You Gonna Call? The SUUSI Helpline!
The SUUSI Helpline has been a great success! Thank you for channeling your questions through our SUUSI volunteers. The phone number is conveniently located on your name tag. Please note: 888-SUUSI-22 is for voice calls only - texting won’t work. When you call, press 0 to get to the all-purpose, all-knowing, fount of SUUSI knowledge. If you just hate making voice calls, you may text 828-538-3041 instead. 
Transition Worship Services
Please send information about those SUUSI members who have passed to nurture@suusi.org by noon today for tonight's Memorials service.
Do you wish to dedicate your child to this SUUSI community? Please send an email to nurture@suusi.org by 6 PM Wednesday for our Life’s Stages service, which will be held Thursday evening.
Support Spaces
The Nurture staff provides three spaces where members of the SUUSI community may seek peace, support, and connection. All will be open 24/7 Monday-Friday, with gatherings planned at specific times.
Meditation Room: Blue Ridge 203
The Meditation Room is a peaceful space for quiet contemplation and rest. Group meditations will be led by Rev. Kimi Riegel on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8-8:30 AM and on Wednesday and Friday from 5:15-5:45 PM.
OASUUS Lounge for BIPOC: Blue Ridge 271
The OASUUS Lounge offers safe space for SUUSI BIPOC (Black, indigenous, and people of color) to gather, talk, reflect, meditate, and replenish in body or spirit. Watch the NUUS for announcements about specific planned gatherings.
Addiction and Recovery Space: Blue Ridge 230
You're invited to participate in a hosted Twelve-Step Support Meeting today from 10-11 AM. We will plan out a schedule of meetings for the rest of the week.
Serendipity Drink Tickets
Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at Serendipity, located at the Hillside Grind. Drink tickets can be purchased at the following locations only:
  • SUUSI Bookstore- daily, from 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
  • Artisan’s Bazaar-9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Bardo Performing Arts Center lobby during Concert Hour, Monday through Thursday from 8-9 PM, and immediately following TWOB on Friday evening. 
Drink tickets and pricing are as follows:
  • Ticket cost is $2 
  • Bud Light, Stella Artois or similar, (1) ticket or $2
  • Craft beer, (2) tickets or $4
  • Wine, (2) tickets or $4
  • Mixed drinks, (3) tickets or $6
  • Non-alcoholic beverages, (1) ticket or $2
Run for the SUUSI Board
Want to help make SUUSI the best it can be? Serving on the Board is a great way to contribute to this gathering we love so much. This year at SUUSI, we’ll elect TWO Adult Trustees and one Youth Trustee. Want to run? For more information, contact the elections coordinator at elections@suusi.org.
  • Nominations must be submitted to elections@suusi.org by noon today. Nominees must also submit a candidate introduction to the SUUSI NUUS (nuus@suusi.org) by 4 PM today. 
  • You may nominate yourself or someone else. If you nominate someone else, make sure they agree to serve. 
  • Adult candidates must have attended at least three full SUUSIs in the last five years, and Youth candidates must have attended two of the last three full SUUSIs. (The present one doesn’t count.) 
  • At the time of the election, Youth candidates must be between 15-17 years old and Adult candidates must be at least 18 years old. 
  • Board members must affirm the Seven Principles of the UUA and the religious purpose of SUUSI.
You Need the NUUS
Every evening at 9 PM, the next day's SUUSI NUUS will arrive in your email so you'll be ready for what's coming up. Is someone you know not getting the NUUS? Email us at nuus@suusi.orgSubmit your own NUUS items by emailing nuus@suusi.org.The deadline for the next day’s email NUUS is 4 PM. 
Tuesday's TWOB Clue
Here's a clue for this year's Teen Way Off Broadway (TWOB) production!
We’re hoping to win Best Revival!
Think you’ve guessed what this year’s TWOB show theme will be? Email twob@suusi.org.
Tents for All!
The tents on the lawn are available for your use much of the time. If you would like to sit under a tent outside, you are welcome to borrow folding chairs and tables from near the SUUSI Store. Please return what you've borrowed when you're ready to move on!
Missing Something?
The SUUSI Lost & Found is in Balsam 230, the SUUSI Office. Note: Age group programs such as Youth, Middlers, and Teens may have their own Lost & Found areas.
In-Store Performance: SUUSIBoyz
The SUUSIBoyz will be performing in the SUUSI Store at 1:30 PM today. Alexis says, “You have always wanted to sing with us, so now’s your chance." There’s a good chance there’s going to be a sing-along as well!
A Perfect Gift Idea
Know someone who is celebrating something this week or someone you want to thank for something? Get them a SUUSI Store Gift Certificate, available in any amount. Be sure to bring the Passport you received at Registration and get it punched to win your own Gift Certificates to the SUUSI Store and Artisans’ Bazaar.
Food Allergies Tour Recap
Accessibility Liaison Rachel Bevins sends a big thank you to WCU food service staff who are going above and beyond to accommodate all sorts of food sensitivities! Here’s a tour of what they have for you:
• Starting at the top of the stairs, look left and behind you to find the burger station. Politely ask and they will happily make a burger or other patty fresh for you without seasoning or give you a gluten free bun.
• Moving clockwise, behind the elevator you will find the deli. WCU has very kindly set up a second coffee station for us here! Here you will also find non-dairy milk (almond or oat; if you don’t see something, just ask), gluten free bread and gf desserts. 
• Again moving clockwise, you will find the bathrooms, the dirty dishes station, and a fountain drink station.  
• Next is the main entree section. At breakfast you will find eggs and meats along with other traditional breakfast foods; if you need eggs without yolks, just ask and they will scramble some for you. Sometimes you will also see desserts, fruits, and yogurt here. Main entree ingredients are usually listed on the screens, but the screens at this station are currently under repair. WCU is aware of this issue and is working on getting them fixed. In the meantime, please be patient and just nicely ask about ingredients.  
• The international station comes next. Here is a dedicated vegan station. Plain rice can usually be found here.  
 At the pizza station, you may ask for a personalized pizza with a cauliflower crust, a gluten free crust, olive oil instead of red sauce, or vegan cheese.
 Across from the pizza station in the back corner are cereal with ingredient labels, and another fountain drink station.  
 Next is the Plant Forward station, with a large salad bar. At each end are a variety of plain whole grains such as quinoa. We have heard great things about the bakers, who often have gluten free baked goods at this station as well!  
• Next, moving back where we started, at the burger station is a condiments station.
Once again, a huge shout out to the WCU staff for being so helpful! Remember that the dining hall will be serving food from 6:30 AM - 8 PM. Not all stations will be open in non-peak hours; however, you are welcome to ask for something and they will get it for you as soon as they are able. A limited number of carry out boxes are also available for those who choose not to eat inside the dining hall. Please eat in the dining hall OR carry out food, not both. 
If you have any questions or concerns, call the SUUSI Helpline at 888-SUUSI-22 or email your Accessibility Team at access@suusi.org. Bon appetit!
Nature NUUS
Thank you to everyone who participated in a Nature adventure today. You all were so very accommodating and graceful and we appreciate your patience as we continue to figure out on the fly how this new driving plan is working. Please don't hesitate to send us your questions when you have them. They help us to think of all the things!
If you have a trip scheduled for the remainder of the week, please check your e-mail for a trip travel coordination e-mail. Parking passes for the day of your scheduled trip can be found in Blue Ridge 102 and are good starting at 7 PM on the night before.
Nature Haiku
flowers, birds, and bugs
discover carolina
with a peaceful walk
Tuesday Schedule
8-8:30 AM: Group meditation, Blue Ridge 203
9-9:45 AM: Morning worship with Covenant Accountability Team, Coulter Recital Hall
9:30 AM - 6:30 PM: SUUSI Store open, Blue Ridge Center
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM: Artisans' Bazaar open, Blue Ridge Center
1:30 PM: SUUSIBoyz perform, SUUSI Store
4-6 PM: Teens Take Over Community Time, Central Plaza
7-7:45 PM: Evening Worship: The Sorrows We Bear, Bardo Arts Center
8-9 PM: Concert Hour with Diedre McCalla, Bardo Arts Center
9-11:30 PM: Cabaret, Bardo Arts Center
10 PM - 1 AM: Serendipity (theme: shiny), Hillside Grind
11 PM - 1 AM: CACHE (theme Gender Switch/Pride Night), Blue Ridge crossover
No BBQUUSI tonight
Need help? Call 888-SUUSI-22 any time!

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