SUUSI NUUS to be grateful for!

Dear friends,

The last 20 months have been hard on all of us, in so many ways. On this Thanksgiving Day, your SUUSI Board and Core Staff are grateful for you. We’re grateful for the ways the SUUSI community has built and maintained online connections to keep our bonds strong. We’re grateful for the two virtual SUUSIs that reimagined our traditions and widened our circle to include many newcomers. We’re grateful for your financial support that has kept our endowment sound through difficult times.

But above all, we are grateful to be able to announce that SUUSI 2022 will be happening in-person from July 17-23 on the beautiful campus of Western Carolina University. Our theme this year will be “Gratitude.”

One of the things we’re most grateful for is the advances in medical science that make an in-person gathering possible. All attendees at SUUSI 2022 must be fully vaccinated in accordance with current CDC recommendations at the time SUUSI is held. Vaccination is part of our commitment to care for each other and for our community. We’re grateful to have this opportunity to protect each other.

We’ll be working on other strategies to maximize safety at an in-person SUUSI, in accordance with public health recommendations. For example, we hope to offer outdoor dining options. Our safety plans will adapt according to the changing circumstances of the pandemic - right now, we don’t have a sense of what the best practices will be in July. You can probably expect that SUUSI will be a little different in 2022, compared to the last time we met face-to-face. Please know that we will be doing our best to maximize both SUUSI joy and SUUSI safety.

Looking for a way to contribute to our shared experience? Workshop proposals and staff applications will open on Saturday, November 27. Log in to SOLIS, the SUUSI Online Information System, at to propose a workshop or apply for staff positions.

Best wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving!

The Core Staff and Board of SUUSI 2022

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