FAQ - SUUSI 2024

General Help

Where do I go for help? 

The SUUSI Office is located in Pocahontas Hall, from 8:30 AM - 2 PM Monday through Friday. Come see us, or call us on the SUUSI Helpline [540-534-1575]. 

Please note that the Helpline is only active between 7am and 11 pm.

In the event of an emergency, dial 911. You do not need to contact a SUUSI staff member before dialing 911.

What help can I find at the SUUSI Office?

At the office, you will find:

  • Information and answers to all of your SUUSI questions
  • Workshop and Nature Trip add-drop
  • Late arrival check-in/early departure check-out
  • Lost & Found
  • Mailboxes for SUUSI staff
  • Access to a computer to check SOLIS or SUUSI website
  • Print copy of the NUUS

I am having a non-emergency personal crisis. What should I do?

SUUSI offers pastoral care as well as a Healthy Relations Team (HeaRT) to support SUUSI participants who may be facing personal challenges. For support from SUUSI Pastoral Care or the HeaRT, call the SUUSI helpline (540-534-1575). 

What are SUUSI's policies on harassment? What should I do if I witness or receive harassment?  

Any harassment regarding sex, race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, handicap, gender, gender identity or expression, or affectional orientation will not be tolerated. Please see our anti-harassment policy for more information. 

Incidents should be immediately reported to the Minister on Duty, Director, or Board President. Please visit the SUUSI Office or call the SUUSI Helpline [540-534-1575] and ask to reach the Minister on Duty. You can also reach out to a Core Staff member to connect you to a responsible person. 

Where can I keep up to date on SUUSI news during the week?

Your SUUSI Communications staff publishes a daily newsletter known as the SUUSI NUUS that will keep you up to date. In an amazing act of time travel, you’ll receive each day’s NUUS the night before by email and text along with your daily schedule. 

You can also check SUUSI.ORG home page for the daily calendar and links to the NUUS as well as the catalog which is kept up to date on locatation or timing of activities.

Logging into SOLIS will provide you with up to date information on your registered workshops. 

Different community groups, particularly Youth, also offer texting groups to keep participants up to date on late breaking changes. More information on joining these groups will be provided by the SUUSI Staff. 

For those without email access, paper printouts of the daily NUUS will be posted at the entrances to Dalton Hall and in the SUUSI Office.

Make sure the email address and/or phone number you have listed in SOLIS is the one you want us to use for the NUUS and your schedule, and make sure you have opted in to receive these messages. 

Where is my workshop being held? 

Please check the SUUSI Catalog for the latest on locations of workshops or other SUUSI events. Locations will be current as of that night.

2024 Move and Date Change

Why did the week change?

This was the week that was available at Radford, our best location option. Our second-best location option also only had this week available. One location we looked at couldn’t accommodate us until August (that was an easy choice to say no to). We are aware that educators in Georgia will be back to school that week, and so it was not our first choice. We hope to change that back for 2025 and beyond.

Why didn’t you tell us sooner?

It’s complicated, but the short answer is that we had an incredible team of people working hard, and we were confident a solution would quickly be found, so we didn’t want the SUUSI community to worry. 

I submitted a workshop and now I cannot attend. What can I do?

If you have already submitted a workshop proposal, and the venue and date change now pose a problem for your proposal, please reach out directly to workshops@suusi.org. We have extended our deadline for proposals to ensure people who previously might not have been able to make SUUSI, now have the option to submit a proposal. We are so excited to bring you workshops at Radford!! 

I applied for staff and now I cannot attend, what do I do? 

Please be in touch with your Core Staff member as soon as possible. You will be missed.

Move in / Move out

When can we check in? What if we miss check in? 

Check-in between 10 AM - noon and 2 - 5 PM on Sunday, July 21, in Heth Hall. Check-in will be closed from noon - 2 PM. 

If you arrive later than 5 PM, you cannot check in until 8:30 AM Monday morning, and you will have to arrange your own dinner and housing for Sunday night. If circumstances beyond your control prevent you from arriving before 5 PM, text or call the registrar, Peter Lazar, phone listed in the SUUSI Confirmation NUUS. 

What if I arrive before Sunday?

Early arrivals (before Sunday, July 21) must be pre-approved by SUUSI Core Staff. Saturday check-in for
approved early arrivals is from 7 - 9 PM in Heth Hall. If you arrive prior to Sunday and have not been pre-approved, you must find another place to stay until Sunday.

Where do I unload? Where do I park?

Upon arrival, look for SUUSI signs and drive to Heth Hall to check in. Check out the SUUSI map to find specific locations. 

During Check In

You will be able to park in Lot DD in front of Heth Hall for a limited time during Check-in and for unloading.

This limited-capacity lot will also serve for unloading to the Ingles and Pocohontas dorms, which are directly adjacent.


After check-in, if you are assigned to Ingles or Pocohontas, unload your car, leaving your belongings in a pile to be guarded by our Move-In staff, and move your car to the long-term parking lot (see below).

 If you are assigned to Draper, Moffett, or Bolling, and if space appears limited in Lot DD, out of consideration for those still checking in, please move your car to Lot M behind Bolling and unload from there.

Long term parking

Long-term parking for SUUSI participants during the week will be in Radford lots U and CC, across Route 11 and down University Drive along the New River.

Please ensure you move your car to one of these long-term parking lots immediately after unloading.

What help can I expect during Move In? How can I help others? 

The Move-In staff are there to help direct and support during move in. However, they can not leave their areas to carry your belongings to the dorms, but all able-bodied participants are encouraged to assist those who may need help with their belongings. If you need more support, please let Move-In staff know. 

Wheeled carts and wagons are useful for move-in! If you bring a cart and are willing to share it with others, ask the Move-In staff to help you label it with your name and room number.

How do I checkout / move out? 

All SUUSI participants must be checked/moved out of Radford dorms by Saturday afternoon unless you have been pre-approved to stay longer. SUUSI will send out final instructions on checkout /move out the last Friday of SUUSI. Please note the following requirements for checkout/Move out, 

  • If you rearrange furniture in your room, please put it back in the original position before you leave. All room damage charges will be passed from the University to the SUUSI participant. 
  • You must return room keys to Radford at the end of the week or face a lost key charge of $50. Instructions on where and how to return keys will be provided before move out. 

2024 Logistics

What are the costs of Radford vs WCU?

The cost of SUUSI 2024 will be significantly higher than in 2023. Part of this is because Radford’s facilities are more expensive than WCU. Part of this is because SUUSI has run a deficit for the past three years and we cannot sustain that into the future. Our SUUSIship Committee is standing by and eager to help you reduce the cost of SUUSI if that is a need.

The good news is that, taking inflation into account, the cost of SUUSI at Radford is about the same as it was when we were last there in 2014. 

What should I bring? 

Check out the suggested packing list.

Please note restrictions on marijuana, smoking, candles  incense burners, and halogen lamps under the Radford Rules and Guidelines. 

What is housing like? Will I be able to get a single? 

The dorm rooms are mostly two twin beds per room with private bathrooms and a desk, chair, and dresser for each bed. All dorms are air-conditioned. Single rooms will be available (sharing a bathroom with another single) for the same cost per bed as double rooms. Children who sleep on the floor (up to a maximum of four people per room) continue to be housed for free.

Can I rent linens or do I have to bring them?

Bring your own linens and pillows. Radford has some linen sets and pillows available for folks who are flying in. Please contact Peter at registration@suusi.org if you would like to request linens and pillows.

You’ll need sheets (size twin extra-long), a pillow, a bath towel and washcloth, and a light blanket for each person in your family. If you have children who will sleep on the floor, bring an air mattress or camping pad. Shower curtains are provided, but bathmats are not.

Can I bring candles or incense? What about decorations?

Candles, incense burners, and halogen lamps are not permitted in the dorms. Want to hang non-flammable decorations? Bring painters tape or command strips. No sticky tape! 

Where are meals served? What are the dining hours for 2024?

SUUSI meals will be provided in Dalton Hall, directly across from Heth Hall. If you have questions or concerns about dining, call the SUUSI Helpline (540-534-1575) for help. Please do not bring requests or complaints directly to dining staff.

Early arrival (only pre-approved individuals)

  • Friday, July 19
    • Breakfast: 7-9 am
    • Lunch: 11:30-1:30 pm,
    • Dinner: 4:30-6:30 pm
  • Saturday, July 20
    • Lunch: 10:30 am-1 pm,
    • Dinner: 4:30-6 pm

All SUUSI participants

  • Sunday, July 21
    • Lunch: 10:30 am-1 pm
    • Dinner: 4:30-6:45 pm
  • Monday, July 22-Friday, July 26 
    • Breakfast: 7-9 am
    • Lunch: 11:30-1:30 pm
    • Dinner: 4:30-6:45 pm
  • Saturday (July 27)
    • Breakfast: 7-9 am

Can we get meals to go?

Individuals can rent a box for $8 during the week and use it to take meals out.  Exchange it for a clean one to use when you need it next.

Does Radford have a gym available for personal workouts? 

Radford University's Student Recreation and Wellness Center has a full gym available to SUUSI participants. It is  4pm-8pm Monday - Friday during SUUSI. Participants can pay $5 a day at the door. 

What is the new contact address for  SUUSI at Radford? 

While the address you will put into your GPS has changed to 801 E Main St, Radford, VA 24142, SUUSI’s contact address remains the same.

I am not currently affiliated with a UU congregation? I am not a UU? Can I attend SUUSI? 

YES! SUUSI is an Intentional Community based on Unitarian Universalist principles, but you do not need to be a Unitarian Universalist nor affiliated with a current congregation to attend SUUSI.

Health, Wellness, and Accesssibility

What is the SUUSI Helpline? When is it open?

The SUUSI helpline (540-534-1575) is open 7am to 11pm and is available to provide a "one stop call" for SUUSI patricipants to get support on a range of topics, from pastoral care to questions for Radford staff. 

What do I do if I get sick? Is there a student health center?

The student health center will not be open during the summer. Please call the SUUSI helpline (540-534-1575), to direct you to appropriate medical care while at SUUSI. Please note that the Helpline is only active between 7am and 11 pm - In the event of an emergency, dial 911. You do not need to contact a SUUSI staff member before dialing 911.

Do we have COVID or other vaccine requirements or recommentations?

If you are over 18 years old and NOT volunteering with children at SUUSI this year, you don't have any vaccine requirements, including COVID.

SUUSI is also no longer requiring Covid-19 negative tests nor requiring participants to wear masks indoors.

Please visit our Health FAQfor more details on required vaccinations and other recommendations. 

What is the food like? Will there be vegetarian options?


Based on decades of surveys, the food at Radford was rated the highest of any SUUSI location. Radford offers a wide range of offerings for different dietary needs and preferences and is open to working with us to meet our community’s needs. We have a dining liaison from SUUSI to make sure our diverse needs are being met and to address with Radford staff any issues that our participants bring to us. 

Your Accessibility liaisons (access@suusi.org) are happy to talk to you about any food concerns you may have.  Be sure to attend one of the Food Allergy Meetups to get your questions answered."Please do not bring requests or complaints directly to dining staff.

Can I get /use a mobility scooter/ accessibility aid? 

Information on mobility scooters and more can be found on the Accessibility page. For more questions, please contact the Accessibility liaisons (access@suusi.org)

Radford Rules and Guidelines

What are the rules on pets and service animals? 

Radford University has no accommodations for animals so please keep pets at home. Service animals are welcome, and may be properly cared for in their owner’s living space.

What are the rules for supervision of Children? 

SUUSI takes children's safety very seriously, along with meeting our legal responsibiltiies under Virginia law. 

Children between the ages of 0 - 13 must be appropriately supervised at all times, including while asleep. 
Young children must be with a parent or responsible adult when not in programming.

Older children under age 13 may be in a set location,such as a dorm lounge, if there are regular checks from a responsible adult. However, parents may not go out (or go to bed) and leave kids in a lounge.

Children with check-out privileges may go directly from Youth/Middler programming to an agreed-on location to meet their parents/guardians.

Parents can (and do!) informally share care among themselves, as long as every child knows which adult is supervising them and every adult knows who has their kids. 

Co-op parents need to be home by the time co-op hours are over at 1:15 AM (2:15 AM Friday). In the family dorm (non co-op), each child must have a responsible adult present at night, even while asleep.

Youth and Middlers have a curfew from 9:30 PM to 6 AM, during which they must either be in their dorm room or with their own parent/guardian.

Child safety concern? Call 540-534-1575

Since marijuana is legal in VA, does that mean I can use it at SUUSI? 

While cannabis usage in Virginia is legal in specific contexts, it is banned - including for medical purposes - on the Radford campus.  Please note that due to these restrictions and potential legal liability, SUUSI cannot tolerate any usage of cannabis, including for medical reasons, on Radford’s grounds and/or during participation in official SUUSI events. 

What’s Radford’s tobacco smoking policy? 

Radford, as a State institution, follows Virginia State Law which bans smoking in state buildings, including those in higher education. Smoking is allowed 25 ft away from all doors and all butts have to be disposed of in the trash. 

What is Radford's alcohol policy? 

Alcohol is allowed in dorm rooms (but not the Teen dorm) and at SUUSI events where alcohol is available, such as Serendipity or adult beverage workshops. Radford requires that no alcohol be stored or consumed in public spaces, including dorm lounges and kitchens. SUUSI staff will pour out alcohol left in common areas.

Mini fridges are allowed in dorm rooms. You may wish to coordinate with friends to share a mini fridge (2 amps or less) or bring a cooler to store alcohol in dorm rooms.  

Alcohol consumption is prohibited for any participants under 21.

Where can I ride my bike, use skateboards, or similar?

Bicycles are only allowed where permitted and where their use does not endanger the safety or comfort of others. Bicycles are not allowed inside university buildings. Helmets must be worn at all times while biking.

Skates, scooters, and skateboards are prohibited on campus streets and sidewalks.

Devices needed for accessibility are allowed everywhere.

Is it okay to use washable sidewalk chalk on the sidewalks? 

SUUSI Core Staff have been told that we can use washable chalk on sidewalks only near Moffett, which is where Community Time is taking place. Please keep the sidewalk chalk on the upper/raised part of the quad in front of Moffett and all chalk writings appropriate to the multi-generational nature of SUUSI.