FAQ - SUUSI 2024

1. Why did the week change?

This was the week that was available at Radford, our best location option. Our second-best location option also only had this week available. One location we looked at couldn’t accommodate us until August (that was an easy choice to say no to). We are aware that educators in Georgia will be back to school that week, and so it was not our first choice. We hope to change that back for 2025 and beyond.

2. Why didn’t you tell us sooner?

It’s complicated, but the short answer is that we had an incredible team of people working hard, and we were confident a solution would quickly be found, so we didn’t want the SUUSI community to worry. 

3. I submitted a workshop and now I cannot attend. What can I do?

If you have already submitted a workshop proposal, and the venue and date change now pose a problem for your proposal, please reach out directly to workshops@suusi.org. We have extended our deadline for proposals to ensure people who previously might not have been able to make SUUSI, now have the option to submit a proposal. We are so excited to bring you workshops at Radford!! 

4.  I applied for staff and now I cannot attend, what do I do? 

Please be in touch with your Core Staff member as soon as possible. You will be missed.

5. What are the costs of Radford vs WCU?

The cost of SUUSI 2024 will be significantly higher than in 2023. Part of this is because Radford’s facilities are more expensive than WCU. Part of this is because SUUSI has run a deficit for the past three years and we cannot sustain that into the future. Our SUUSIship Committee is standing by and eager to help you reduce the cost of SUUSI if that is a need.

The good news is that, taking inflation into account, the cost of SUUSI at Radford is about the same as it was when we were last there in 2014. 

6. What is housing like? Will I be able to get a single? 

The dorm rooms are mostly two twin beds per room with private bathrooms. All dorms are air-conditioned. Single rooms will be available (sharing a bathroom with another single) for the same cost per bed as double rooms. Children who sleep on the floor (up to a maximum of four people per room) continue to be housed for free.

7. What is the new contact address for  SUUSI at Radford? 

While the address you will put into your GPS has changed to (whatever Radford’s address is), SUUSI’s contact address remains the same.

8. Do we have different COVID precautions/ requirements?

SUUSI’s COVID and other health precautions are unchanged from 2023, which is to follow the latest CDC recommendations for vaccinations. As of March 2024, these recommendations are “People aged 12 years and older who got COVID-19 vaccines before September 12, 2023, should get 1 updated Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, or Novavax COVID-19 vaccine.” 

9. What is the food like? Will there be vegetarian options?


Based on decades of surveys, the food at Radford was rated the highest of any SUUSI location. Radford offers a wide range of offerings for different dietary needs and preferences and is open to working with us to meet our community’s needs. We are searching for a dining liaison from SUUSI to make sure our diverse needs are being met and to address with Radford staff any issues that our participants bring to us. 

10. Can I get /use a mobility scooter/ accessibility aid? 

We are looking into local companies that might be able to supply scooters to SUUSI participants. You are, of course, allowed to bring and use your own if you have one. In addition, Radford allows us to have Star Cars on the sidewalks to be able to get people closer to the building entrances.  

11. Since marijuana is legal in VA, does that mean I can use it at SUUSI? 

While cannabis usage in Virginia is legal in specific contexts, it is banned - including for medical purposes - on the Radford campus.  Please note that due to these restrictions and potential legal liability, SUUSI cannot tolerate any usage of cannabis, including for medical reasons, on Radford’s grounds and/or during participation in official SUUSI events. 

12.  I am not currently affiliated with a UU congregation? I am not a UU? Can I attend SUUSI? 

YES! SUUSI is an Intentional Community based on Unitarian Universalist principles, but you do not need to abe  Unitarian Universalist nor affiliated with a current congregation to attend SUUSI.