FAQ - SUUSI 2022


Are the dorms air-conditioned?

In 2022, all SUUSI housing will be air-conditioned! Air conditioning is adjustable in a narrow range of temperatures.

Are private dorm rooms available?

Yes. Private rooms are now called a “single” but the bathroom is still shared with another person in the adjoining single room. If you need a private bath or extra space, you may opt to pay for both beds in a double room (twice the regular bed rate).

What if I have a group of people who want to be near each other?

In SOLIS, there is a place called “housing – other requests.” If a group wants to be housed together, choose a name or phrase and have everyone in the group put that exact same phrase (rated PG please!) in the “housing – other requests” space. This allows the Housing Coordinator to find everyone in your group and put them together, if it is possible.

How many people can stay in a dorm room?

For every person in a paid-for bed, there can be one child age 13 or under sleeping on the floor. Therefore, there is a maximum of two adults and two children (age 13 or under and sleeping on the floor) in a double room, and a maximum of one adult and one child (age 13 or under and sleeping on the floor) in a single room. In all cases, all beds in a room must be paid for before a child sleeps on the floor for free.

Can SUUSI staff help me find a roommate?

If you are staying in the Adult, Teen, YA, or Median dorm and do not indicate a roommate when you register, SUUSI staff will assign one for you if you are in a double room. SUUSI does not assign roommates in the family housing. If you know you will have an extra space, it is your responsibility to find a roommate. If you intend to have a child or children sleep on the floor, you can request a single room (and sleep 1 child on the floor) or request a double or a double room and pay for both beds (in which case you can sleep up to 2 children on the floor).

Are there kitchens available for our use?

There are lounges & kitchens on most floors, however, some kitchens are reserved for SUUSI programming. If there is an available kitchen on your floor, you will be sharing it with many other SUUSI participants (these are very large floors). No alcohol may be stored in dorm lounges.

What if I need/want refrigerator space?

If you need to keep items chilled, consider bringing a dorm size fridge or a cooler with ice. One dorm-sized fridge per room is permitted; it may not exceed 4.5 cubic feet in capacity with an electrical rating of 120 volts and no more than 2.0 amps when in operation.


Where are workshops held?

Most workshops are held on the campus in lounges, in classrooms, or outside. Locations are provided in your packet at check-in. You can verify the location of workshops at solis.suusi.org, which is the most up-to- date on all locations, or in the SUUSI Office. If a workshop location changes, all registered participants will be notified by email as soon as we know of a change. Changes are also announced in the SUUSI NUUS and available in the SUUSI Office.

Do workshops have fees?

Many workshops have fees. Fees are determined by the number of hours a workshop meets, the supplies (if any are provided), and the number of participants in the workshop. Workshop fees listed are per person. SUUSI strives to price workshops reasonably while making sure that the price covers the expenses.

Do workshops have any restrictions?

Workshops tagged “ES” for “Emotionally Sensitive” involve emotional experiences that may be stressful. At all times during SUUSI, a minister is on call for pastoral care and conflict resolution needs that may arise. During SUUSI week, the phone number to contact the Minister of the Day will be listed in the SUUSI NUUS and on the home page of the website.

Some workshops require a full range of movement in order to get the maximum benefit. These workshop are tagged “PD” for “Physical Dexterity.”

Age limits are set based on content, required skills, and subject matter that may require greater  maturity. The age is indicated by a number and a plus sign. For example, 14+ means that anyone 14 years of age or older may attend the workshop.

What are the attendance policies?

Required: Participants should attend all sessions to obtain the full benefit of the workshop. If you sign up for an attendance required workshop, you will not be able to register for another required workshop or a nature trip in the same or overlapping time slot.

Preferred: Attendance is suggested at all sessions to obtain full benefit but overlapping registrations are permitted.

Drop-In: Requires registration but attendance is optional. Please register for drop-in workshops so that minimum enrollment requirements are met and adequate space can be allocated.

Can I add or drop a workshop after I’ve registered?

Yes. You’ll be able to log back into SOLIS and use the drop/add feature to add workshops (or nature trips) that still have space. This option will be available until online registration closes. After that, you can add or drop workshops at SUUSI, either at check-in or at the SUUSI Office.

What does it mean if a workshop description notes that it is for couples?

Workshops designed for couples are open to all pairs of people: married or unmarried, and of the same or different genders.

Does SUUSI offer refunds for dropped or canceled workshops?

If your workshop is canceled, SUUSI will give you a full refund for it. Refunds for canceled workshops will be given as credits on a credit card or as a check mailed after SUUSI.

No cash refunds are given for dropped workshops after the completion of SUUSI check-in on Sunday. If you drop a workshop in the SUUSI Office at least 24 hours before the start of the workshop, you will receive SUUSI credit toward another workshop or nature trip. This credit is only redeemable during the current SUUSI.

Do workshops have limits on the maximum and minimum number of people?

Yes. Maximum limits are set to ensure that leaders have adequate supplies and space. However, if a workshop does fill up before you try to add it, you may still be able to get in if someone else drops it. Minimum limits are also set to ensure that the workshop does not impose a financial burden upon SUUSI.

Is there a waiting list for filled workshops?

No. SUUSI does not maintain waiting lists. People do drop workshops, thereby opening up space for others. You can check to see if a space has become available using SOLIS during the online registration period, or at SUUSI either during check-in on Sunday or later in the week at the SUUSI Office.

What should I bring to the workshop? Should I prepare in any way?

Workshop descriptions may list suggested items such as yoga mats, a journal, or a hungry appetite. Some workshop leaders also recommend books, CDs, websites, and other sources to enhance your understanding and experience. When possible, books and CDs are available for purchase in the SUUSI Store.

What do “Teen Friendly,” “YA Friendly,” and “Median Friendly” mean?

These labels are meant to encourage Teens or individuals that identify as Young Adults (YAs), or Medians, respectively, to register for those workshops, but these workshops are open to any SUUSI participants within the specified age limits.

Sounds great! How can I sign up?

During the online registration period, you can sign up for workshops using SOLIS, the SUUSI registration database. Workshops can be added or dropped at SUUSI at check-in and at the SUUSI office during the week.

Can I lead a workshop?

All SUUSI workshops are led by volunteer members of our community. While we do not pay any workshop leaders, they do receive credit toward SUUSI registration and meals. Workshop proposals are accepted each fall for the following SUUSI. Check the SUUSI website for the deadline and other details. If you are interested in sharing your skills by leading a workshop next year, consider attending the free workshop, “How to Lead a SUUSI Workshop.”

Wait, I have a great idea for this year! Can I?

If you would like to get together with like-minded people while at SUUSI, consider meeting in the Common Ground Café for discussions. While you cannot reserve the space, this is a great way to meet people and share interests. You can advertise “Birds of a Feather” gatherings in the SUUSI NUUS. E-mail nuus@suusi.org to submit entries to the daily NUUS.

Nature Trips

Should I pre-register for Nature trips?

Yes. Don’t wait until you arrive at SUUSI to sign up for Nature trips. Equipment and van rentals are based on advance registrations. Trips with low pre- registration numbers may be canceled.

From where do Nature trips depart?

Youth Nature trips will leave from the youth program area. All other trips will depart from the Nature Tent, the location of which will be on the SUUSI map you will get when you arrive. Even if the trip is on campus, go to the Nature Tent first to check in.

When do trips depart? What if I’m late?

Please meet 15 minutes early to check in, since if you are not there early and others are waiting on standby you may lose your spot. We leave on time.

What do I need to bring? What happens if I do not have all the required equipment?

Some equipment may be provided by SUUSI. Read all the information on your trip type and the description for each of your trips carefully. The trip requirements are real. If the equipment or supplies are listed as required then this is what you must provide. Before the trip departs the trip leader is required to make sure all participants have the proper equipment. If you don’t show up on time with the right gear you won’t be allowed to go. A quart of water and rain gear are required for nearly all Nature trips. If you have questions about trip requirements drop by the Nature Tent or ask a Nature staffer.

Are Nature trips ever canceled (if it’s raining, for example)? Do locations ever change?

Locations are subject to change. Location changes are made to assure safety, to improve the  experience if site conditions are not good, or if the site is no longer available. The Nature program will cancel a trip only if conditions are unsafe.

Are waivers required to go on a Nature trip?

Yes. A few trips require two waivers: one for SUUSI and one for the owner of the property we will be using. Parents or guardians must co-sign an assumption of responsibility form for minors under their supervision. Nature trip leaders will warn you about common risks and hazards, but they cannot protect you against all hazards.

What guidelines should I use when choosing a Nature trip?

Check the difficulty rating for your trip below each description and in the legend at the beginning of each Nature program section. Evaluate your current capabilities before registering for any Nature trip. Nature activities are group experiences as well as personal explorations. We want participants to be able to stretch themselves without intruding on the experience of others. If the day is not a good day for you to safely carry out the activity physically or mentally, please don’t go on the trip.

The trip leader will have a first-aid kit and will be ready to assist you with most minor injuries. However we ask that you prepare for your own well-being. Stay with the group, follow the leader’s instructions, stay focused on safety, and use common sense in deciding what to bring with you in addition to required items. For example, a sunburn or poison ivy can spoil your day, maybe even your week. Trip difficulty ratings are there for your safety. Please consider the level of difficulty and your current capabilities before registering for a trip. Some  of our trips are very physically challenging.

What if I have physical limitations or need assistance?

If you have specific physical limitations or need more information to determine whether you possess the abilities needed for an activity before SUUSI, please contact Nature staff at nature@suusi.org. At SUUSI, visit the Nature table at check-in or the Nature Tent during the week. Anyone under a physician’s care should consult with their physician before pre- registering for an activity. Please notify your trip leader of any limitations before leaving the Nature Tent. Nature trip leaders are directed to “make it safe” for all participants and are authorized to refuse to take a person on a trip they consider inappropriate.

A caregiver must accompany any person requiring one-on-one assistance on a Nature activity (and must also register for that activity). Our trip leaders must fulfill their responsibilities to all participants registered for an activity.

My child wants to go on a Nature trip. What do I need to know?

Look for “FF” (Family- Friendly) after the title to find trips that are open to children 13 and younger. An adult must register for the trip and accompany each child under 14 years old, except on Nature trips run through our Youth and Middler programs. The accompanying adult is responsible for the child’s safety and behavior during the activity and must maintain direct supervision of the child at all times.

What can I do if the trip I want is full?

If the trip you want is full when you register, don’t despair. Sometimes people drop trips and spaces open up. Check back in SOLIS later to see if space has become available in your favorite trips. If that doesn’t work, frequently participants can add trips at check-in on Sunday, or at the SUUSI office and Nature Tent during SUUSI.

Even if a trip is full when you check at the Nature Tent, you are welcome to come to the Nature Tent 15 minutes before start time and check in as a standby, and if there is a “no show” you can go in their place. This is especially likely late in the week after some folks have expended their energy. Remember to bring required equipment (clothes, boots, etc.) and fees so you will be prepared to go.

Does SUUSI give refunds for Nature trips?

If the SUUSI Nature program cancels a trip the fee will be refunded to you or you may donate the fee to SUUSI. Refunds are not given to people who don’t show up, arrive at the Nature Tent late or arrive without their required equipment. If you cancel your Nature trip at least 24 hours in advance, a credit can be issued to be used for another Nature trip, workshop, or activity during the current SUUSI.